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Are Chihuahuas Rodents? Or Is It Just a Myth? [ANSWERED]

Are Chihuahuas Rodents? Or Is It Just a Myth? [ANSWERED]

Sometimes ago, an internet user shared a post about DNA studies proving that Chihuahuas are not dogs, but are a large type of rodent, bred selectively for hundreds of years to look like a dog (canine). This is one of the wildest things that has been posted on the internet, and many people believed it for a while. Do you also believe this post?

There have been many speculations and contemplations on if Chihuahua is a dog instead of the supposed proof that it is a rodent. Several facts prove that Chihuahuas are canine and not rodents, despite the similarities in appearance between a rodent and a Chihuahua.

One of the most surprising discoveries is that some canine breeds are not dogs but rodents. The rumor that Chihuahuas are related to rodents has been proven fake.

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What Are Chihuahuas?

It will be heartbreaking to hear that something you value is not what it is; this is exactly how Chihuahua owners felt when they heard that their breeds are rodents, not dogs. Many Chihuahua owners cried because they felt they had wasted resources and energy breeding a rodent they believed was a dog.

Since then, the prominent question has been if Chihuahuas are rodents or dogs. Before we go into answering this question, we will look at a Chihuahua,


Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest recognized dog breed. Chihuahuas were first discovered in the mid-19th century in Mexico, a state called Chihuahua, so they were named after the state. Chihuahuas remained a rare breed until the early 20th-century when they were brought into the United States by some tourists arriving from Mexico.

It was not until 1904 that the American Kennel Club recognized Chihuahuas as an official dog breed. Since then, their popularity has increased, and they are currently ranked 11th recognized by AKC out of 155 dog breeds. There are different theories about how Chihuahuas came into existence.

However, according to a particular theory, Chihuahua was said to have descended from Techichi. Techichi was bred by the Toltec civilization in Mexico dated back to the 9th century C.E. The Techichi was said to have some resemblance in terms of ears and a round head with Chihuahuas.

However, the Techichi breed was believed to be sacred animals with some mystic powers and are able to guide the souls of the dead to the grave. So, they are no longer in existence. In terms of size, Chihuahuas weigh about 4 to 6 pounds, with a height of 6 to 10 inches. If taken care of properly, they can live up to about 18 years.

Chihuahuas do not do well with cold weather and are prone to shivering. When the weather is cold, they should be covered with blankets or a dog jacket. Although they are very obedient, when bored, they could become destructive. Due to their very small size, they are not best with children. They should be handled with care.

Are Chihuahuas Rodents?

Although, the speculations all started from posts that were shared on Facebook. A particular Facebook post shows a screenshot of a response to the question “are Chihuahuas actually dogs” on Google search. The answer was from a story claiming that Chihuahuas are not dogs.

The response was from a publication on the Watley Review website issued on May 25, 2004. From the website post, a section explained that it was surprising to find out that some dog breeds were not even dogs. Also, it was mentioned that analysis revealed that Chihuahuas are large rodents and not dogs.

What should be known is that on May 12, 2003, the Watley Review clearly stated that all the articles they produce and published do not have a factual basis or journalistic merits. Also, the contents published are intended as a parody. The article could be said to be satirical news.

So, the claim that Chihuahuas are rodents is just a myth and not valid. The publication from Watley Review does not also appear on Google search to confirm if Chihuahuas are rodents or not. Even on Facebook itself, it acknowledges the post as containing false information before any user can view the post.

If we are to consider why people could be asking if Chihuahuas are rodents, then it could be due to the dog’s appearance. In terms of size, it is the smallest of all dog breeds with a very skinny body. If you are looking at a Chihuahuas puppy from afar, you might not be wrong to assume it is a big rat.

Also, Chihuahuas’ heads appear to be somewhat round with a large ear, similar to a rat. Regardless of the appearance of Chihuahuas looking like a rodent, they are dogs and not rodents. Rodents do not bark, nor do they wag their tail when they see you. Nevertheless, Chihuahuas do; they bark and wag their tail. Chihuahuas are 100% dogs!

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Are Chihuahuas Dogs?

This question arises mainly because Chihuahuas are different from other dog breeds; they do not look like wolves, nor do they look like other big dogs like German Shepherd or Mastiff. There are various features that can make you assume that Chihuahuas are not dog breeds.

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breeds in the world; in comparison with other dog breeds, they are almost insignificant. Also, unlike other dogs with thick, intimidating barks, Chihuahuas have high-pitched barks that do not intimidate, defeating the bark’s purpose.

Chihuahuas also have large ears; their ears are bigger than their face. No other dog is like this. Nevertheless, they have their origins traced back to wolves’ lineage, despite not having a single resemblance with wolves. Humans are actually responsible for the change of wolves into Chihuahuas.

The evolution of wolves into Chihuahuas is a result of human activities that date back hundreds of years. Chihuahuas have been around long before they were discovered by the U.S. There are drawings from the mid-16th century found in the Yucatan Peninsula that prove that Chihuahuas have always been around.

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Are Chihuahuas Rats?

One of the reasons people believe the post that Chihuahuas are rodents, not dogs, is their similarities. We cannot deny that there are similarities between a Chihuahua and a rat; nevertheless, this is not proof that Chihuahuas are rodents or rats.

A similarity between a Chihuahua and a rat is their round heads; Chihuahuas have two kinds of heads, the deer head and the apple head. A Chihuahua with a round-shaped skull has an apple head. Both kinds of heads are similar to various rodents, especially rats. Also, a Chihuahua has large ears compared to the size of its heads.

Chihuahuas’ ears are as big as the animation Mickey Mouse; this feature makes them look more like rats than dogs. They also have buggy eyes; these eyes are round and full of expression. There are only a few dogs with this feature, making people accept that Chihuahuas are rats.

Also, Chihuahua’s size and body shape make it look more like a rat than a dog. Chihuahuas do not grow larger than a human hand; compared to other dogs, you may not consider the Chihuahua a dog breed. These similarities are part of the propaganda spread to make people believe Chihuahuas are rats. This is false, and Chihuahuas are dogs.

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought that a false post that Chihuahuas are rodents, not dogs, could be believed by many people? Thankfully, research has proven that the Chihuahua is a dog breed descended from wolves, and the rumor that it is a rodent has been debunked. It is best to verify the authenticity of everything you see before believing.

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