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Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix [BREED BREAKDOWN]

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix [BREED BREAKDOWN]

The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is the product of a crossbreed between two dog breeds that were used for herding animals. This hybrid is quite popular in Texas and is also known as the Texas heller. This dog breed is a great choice for lovers of high energetic dogs and is equally good for ranching.

The Texas Heeler, commonly known as the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix, is a crossbreed dog. The Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler and the Australian Shepherd are its parents. This dog breed is a gentle breed fiercely protective of its family and territory. 

Designer dogs are getting increasingly fashionable, whether you like them or not. This mix is no different. The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler is a cross between two equally attractive herding dogs, which are slightly different in appearance.

rare dog blue and brown eyesAustralian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

As we mentioned above, the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is a hybrid dog. The crossbreed between an Australian Shepard and Blue Heeler gave rise to this dog breed. Since this dog is a hybrid, depending on the dominating gene it takes, its traits and characteristics are likely going to be in between that of both parent breeds.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is a friendly, lovely, intelligent, and medium-sized dog breed. Due to the herding instincts inherited from their parents, they are known to be excellent watchdogs.

The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix comes with a straight and medium-length smooth coat. Their coat could come in colors black, fawn, white, gray, merle, tan, or a mixture of these colors. They are known to have patches with a white stripe on their face.

The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is not hypoallergenic and is known to shed yearly. However, to prevent seeing hair all over the house, their coats need to be brushed once every week. You do not need to worry about them during harsh weather conditions, as they have a thick undercoat.

Depending on the dominant parent gene, their ears could be folded like the Australian Shepard dog or erect like the Blue heller. They have round eyes that could either be brown or bright blue with a pointed black nose.

This dog breed is suitable for only living in places with a spacious land area, as they love to walkabout. Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is a very energetic dog and would require a lot of physical and mental stimulation for about 90 minutes daily. Running, chasing objects, and tug of war are some exercises you could always indulge in this dog breed.

For people who might not be able to make time to exercise their dogs, this dog breed is not best for them. Failure to engage this dog breed in exercises would make the dog bored and restless, and in turn, it could be seen displaying some destructive behaviors like chewing things in the house.

This dog breed is suitable for families with children. However, owners should note that the dog has a natural herding instinct and could sometimes think that children are meant for herding. However, with proper training and socialization right from puppyhood, this dog could learn how to get along with kids.

When going out, you are advised to put your Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix on a leash, as they tend to want to attack other pets they see around. However, socialization and early exposure would help them get along when they see another pet to curb this behavior.

When taken care of properly, this dog breed has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years. However, it is important to state that they are known to suffer some health challenges like deafness, hip and elbow dysplasia, and some eye issues.

How Much Are Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Mix?

Technically, the Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Mix are not purebreds; this mixed breed has been here for a while, but they are not well-known. As a result, only a few breeders specialize in them, assuming you can find one. If you ever manage to locate one, they are usually reasonably priced.

Given the poor demand, breeders are frequently unable to charge such high prices for their dogs. The average cost is between $800 and $1,000 due to the limited supply; prices vary significantly. Breeders cannot always evaluate their prices to others; due to their greater size and hyperactivity.

As a result, finding puppies for $1,000 or less is not unusual. Buying from a household breeder will almost certainly save you money, but it is not advised. Puppy prices are frequently lower since less money has been invested in them; they frequently do not receive enough vet attention or DNA analysis.

How Big Do Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix Get?

The Australian Blue Heeler is ideal for rounding up livestock, measuring 17 to 22 inches tall and weighing 45 to 55 pounds once fully matured. Whereas female Texas Heelers are slightly smaller than males, the difference in size is rarely visible. Texas Heelers with a Mini Australian Shepherd parent are often smaller in stature.

Although they are tiny to medium-sized, Cattle Dog Australian Shepherd hybrids require enough space to run; the more space you have, the better. Unlike some designer dogs, which acquire a specific shape from one parent, the Australian Heeler’s appearance is normally split fifty-fifty.

He will have huge ears that can stand upright or droop down and huge eyes that could be dark, bright blue, or a combination of the two. The coat of the Australian Heeler is, without a doubt, its most distinguishing feature. Their coat will be uneven, speckled, and spotty, just like their parents.

Since one parent is a Blue Heeler and the other is a Red Heeler, their coat will most likely be white, gray, and black instead of browns or reds. On the other hand, their parents may contain brown or red-colored genes.

cute dog winterHow To Train An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix?

Due to their great intellect, this mixed breed responds well to all types of training. They are happy to serve and pick up on your requests immediately; these characteristics make them relatively straightforward to teach. They do, however, require instruction; they may get bored and listless otherwise.

A lonely dog will frequently misbehave; they frequently try to entertain themselves when left on their own. This tendency frequently leads to harmful actions such as chewing, eating, and digging excessively. As a result, these dogs are frequently labeled as more destructive than others.

However, it is simply that meeting their mental stimulation needs is difficult, which leads to more destructive activities. Fortunately, training is a great method to keep their minds active; you will probably need to do several sessions every day.

Positive reinforcement dog training is the most effective method for teaching this breed family rules and tricks. Treating them if they are doing something well, patting them if they do whatever you ask, or praising them is positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is sometimes perplexing for these dogs, causing them to lose track of what they should be learning.

Keep in mind that Australian shepherd blue heelers are active dogs; they require much cerebral stimulation if they do not get enough physical activity. Agility training is a favorite pastime of this breed. Listening to your directions is mentally stimulating for them, and this training helps them use some of that energy.

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Final Thoughts

The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is a handful; however, it might be the ideal breed for the right household. This breed is ideal for active people who want a dog who can cope with them. They require much movement and are incredibly intelligent. They are excellent choices for anyone interested in canine sports because of their exceptional endurance and intelligence.

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