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5 Best Dog Bandanas You Can Buy And Ideas For DIY

5 Best Dog Bandanas You Can Buy And Ideas For DIY

There’s no harm in giving your dog a little touch and color for a party or outing. Bandanas are the best way to do so, especially if your dog is not a big fan of pet clothes. Purchasing bandanas for dogs or making a custom one is the best way to get around to accomplishing this feat.

Some top bandanas you can purchase include, ODI style buffalo bandana, Gofshy dog bandana, Foggy dog bandana, Emelivor personalized dog bandana, Travel bus dog bandana, Rubicon Crossing Co dog bandana, All for paw chill out bandana, Remy Roo dog bandana, Pet VV reversible bandana for dogs, etc.

A number of dog owners are concerned about buying the right bandana for their furry friend, but a custom-made bandana can quickly solve this problem. Aside from protecting your dog from sunburn on a walk outside or keeping them warm, several benefits come with bandanas. They serve as a lovely gift for dogs too.

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Are Bandanas Safe For Dogs?

Dog bandanas are not new; they have been a trend in the fashion world for quite a while and are available in several types. Dog bandanas range from plain ones to special ones worn for Christmas, new year, or another festive season. Yet, a common question lingers. Are dog bandanas safe for dogs?

Yes, they are. Bandanas are safe for dogs. They have quite some health benefits, such as shielding them from sunburn. Among others, they are used as a band-aid and to catch loose hair. You must, however, take precautions as a pet owner before purchasing a bandana to ensure that your pet isn’t at risk of any harm.

Before purchasing these clothing accessories for your dog, the right size is the most important thing to note. The wrong size can harm your furry friend so ensure that your dog is comfortable before putting him on a bandana.

Are Dog Bandanas Popular?

Dog bandanas are staples in dogs’ fashion. They are popular and used in several patterns and styles. Regardless of your dog’s breed, gender, age, you can put a lovely dog bandana on them to make them look different but note that you should not force them into wearing them. Let’s see some top dog bandanas you can purchase.

ODI Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

Here is an affordable bandana for your dog available on Amazon. It is a four-pack cotton bandana that is durable. The material used is soft, lightweight, and adjustable. It is a perfect fit for any dog, whether small or large-sized.

All For Paw Chill Out Bandana

Is it a hot day out? Then this bandana is precisely what your dog needs. The ice bandana has a non-toxic integrated cooling technology that immediately helps dogs cool off. This simple bandana is durable and works effectively well by being soaked into water. Its water ripple design is fantastic, and it is available in four sizes, which might cause variations in its prices.

Gofshy Dog Bandana

Gofshy is a 100% cotton fabric that you can machine wash. The material is soft and breathable, ensuring long-term use. It comes with a mesh wash bag that protects the fabrics when machine washing and fits medium to large-sized dogs. Although it’s advisable to measure a dog’s neck before purchasing a bandana, this set comes in six different colors and is relatively affordable.

Remy Roo Dog Bandana

Remy Roo bandana sets are classic sets available on Amazon. It can be adjusted to a perfect fit and comes in multiple sizes. Dog owners further love this dog bandana for its unique shape.

Pets VV Reversible Bandanna For Dog

Here is a perfect fit for a small furry friend. It is a six-piece bandana scarf set that your dogs can wear for a stylish look. It is less expensive and thus will save you some money. Another excellent advantage of this bandana is that it is reversible.

Hence, Your little furry friend can wear it on both sides. It comes in plenty of colors and styles to choose from if you purchase them but note that washing can sometimes make the fabric pull.

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How Do You Make A Custom Bandana For A Dog?

Dog bandanas are usually affordable, and it is even more inexpensive to make one. In addition, to give your dog a special gift for an occasion, making a custom bandana yourself is a great idea to gift a more personalized touch. Creating a custom bandana is not tricky. Let’s discuss how you can make one and some ideas.

You can make several custom scarves, and you can decide to make one from a stylish pattern or a plain fabric. Ensure that you use breathable cotton for the material. Other materials needed are fabric scissors, a sewing machine or needle, and thread, some pins.

Measure And Cut Out Fabric

Layout your fabric and fold the top corner to the other end to form a triangle. Ensuring that the triangle folded edge fits your pet comfortably before cutting is essential. Add an extra ten to twelve inches which you will use to tie and keep the bandana in place.

Cut Off The Extra Material

After sizing, keep the top part folded and cut off the extra material for other DIY projects.

Sew The Fabric

Before sewing, ensure that the right ends are still together. You can use pins to hold the ends together to avoid the triangle moving out of place before sewing around the open sides. Add a 1/4 seam allowance, and remember to leave a few inches available so you can turn the finished part inside.

Iron The Fabric

Once you have turned the material over, iron the fabric and tuck in the open edges; add a pin or two to keep the open borders in place.

Topstitch The Bandana

Topstitch the entire bandana; this will close the open spot and give your bandana a clean and finished look.

As a dog owner, you can try out several patterns and ideas for your dog using several fabric designs to create a masterpiece.

How To Know What Size Bandana My Dog Needs?

Sizing is essential in dog bandanas because a too-tight bandana can lead to suffocation or injuries. Typically, to get the right size for your dog’s bandana, you should measure their neck circumference, then proceed to add an extra nine to twelve inches.

You can also double the length to get enough allowance for the tie. This will keep your dog comfortable. However, here are some recommendations for different sizes of dogs.

If your dog’s neck is around 10 inches, you can make use of a length of about 20 inches. A dog with a neck measurement of less than or 14 inches can use a suitable size of 25 inches. On the other hand, a larger-sized dog with about 16 inches can use around 27 inches.

If you have a bigger-sized dog, ensure you measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and add enough allowance for a tie.

Final Thoughts

A bandana is a great addition to your furry friend’s style and look. Hence, if you are a lover of DIYs, knock yourself out by making several custom-made bandanas for your dog. You can even print or weave your dog’s name on it to give it a personal touch.

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