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Best Invisible Fences for Dogs [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Best Invisible Fences for Dogs [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Breeding dogs in a home without a traditional physical fence can be frustrating and challenging. Aside from the fear of the dogs running away from the yard, you could get bothered about them attacking other pets or strangers. However, thanks to invisible fences, you no longer need to keep your dogs on a leash to keep them secure in the yard.

Some of the best invisible fences for dogs are SportDOG In-Ground Invisible Fence System, Halo 2 Collar Virtual Fence, PetSafe Wireless System, PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, PetSafe Basic In-Ground System, and Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground System.

For some dog owners, a traditional fence is suitable to keep their puppies contained; for others, it is not a considerable option. There are some limitations and disadvantages, so the preferred option would be an invisible fence.

dog collar green redInvisible Dog Fence

An invisible dog fence is a containment system that helps prevent a dog from leaving certain boundaries of a yard. These devices are paired with a dog’s collar such that when the dog attempts to go beyond the defined boundaries, the collar makes a warning sound or vibrates.

However, if the dog moves further beyond the boundaries, the collar would emit a shock correction to make the dog return. When compared to traditional fences, invisible fences are a great alternative. You need not get bothered about your dog digging or attempting to destroy it with invisible fences, unlike a physical fence.

In addition, they are relatively cheaper than installing a physical fence, which could cost a lot. Invisible fences come in two different types – wireless and underground. The wireless fence operates with a dog’s collar using a computer GPS which disallows a dog to move beyond a defined boundary.

It is pretty easy and fast to set up and does not require any form of digging. However, a major downside of this device is that it only works covering a circular and small area of the yard.

The Underground invisible dog fence also operates with a dog’s collar, transmitter unit, and a string of wires meant to be buried under the ground within the yard’s boundaries. This invisible fence is much more reliable and could cover a large yard area. However, the installation process is a bit complex and takes much time.

What Is The Best Invisible Fence For Dogs?

There are tons of invisible fences for dogs that can be used instead of the traditional fence for dogs. The technology behind the development of invisible dog fences is impressive. Let us look at some of the best invisible fences for dogs.

PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable System

This is one of the top invisible fences for dogs; it is a wired underground fence offering extra yard space when you adjust the warning zone. It provides about 30% or more extra usable space when you move the warning zone outside the boundary line. One cool feature of this system is that you can use the wire to customize the shape of the perimeter.

You have the option to create more wireless boundaries; these small wireless boundaries are also called Pawz Away Barriers. You can set them around objects you do not want your dog to get to. The collar units of the PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable System are waterproof and rechargeable.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Another great invisible fence for dogs you can get is the PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence; unlike other invisible fences, this has rechargeable collar units instead of batteries. Installation of this wireless fence is easy; you only need to turn on the transmitter unit and set the circular diameter range.

The coverage distance of this wireless fence is 210 feet in diameter. You can use five different static correction levels to discipline the dog. It also has an automatic shut-off feature that shuts the static correction off after 15 seconds if the dog breaks the boundary zone.

Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground System

This is one of the best invisible fences for dogs; this system is rechargeable and has been tested to ensure it conforms to pet health and safety measures. This in-ground system features a transmitter and wire encircling the property. The pet’s collar is also rechargeable, and has quick emission of the warning static and tone when the dog crosses the boundary.

However, one of the downsides of this invisible fence is that the wiring is not long, and the correction levels are not as flexible as others. Nevertheless, this is still an effective, high-quality invisible dog fence. The Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground System I produced from hardy materials that cannot get damaged easily.

Invisible Dog Fence Reviews

If you have tried several other methods of containing your dog and nothing seems to be working, an invisible fence is a great option worth considering. However, before getting one, you must be sure of the type that best suits your dog and yard.

Factors like your dog’s weight, boundary covered, waterproof, cost, and type of design (wireless or underground) must be considered. Below we will be reviewing some top choices you could consider getting for your dog.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe is one of the lead producers of products that are related to training dogs. This wireless fence from PetSafe features a transmitter with a power adapter that could cover a circular range of about ½ an acre of land from wherever placed. To cover more range, you can purchase an additional transmitter. This product is easy to install, portable, and great for camping and vacations.

This PetSafe Wireless Fence comes with 5 different adjustable correction levels, of which the stronger static correction could be used for bigger dogs. Also, it has a tone-only mode is effective when training your dogs. It also features a waterproof collar and comes with an RFA-67D battery. The collar is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs weighing 8 pounds and above with neck sizes of 6 – 28 inches.

WIEZ Vibrating Waterproof Invisible Fence

This is another wireless invisible fence that effectively keeps your dogs within your defined boundaries. It features a GPS collar receiver that is more accurate and suitable than other wireless invisible fences and could also cover up to 776 acres and 3281 feet and a minimum of 98 feet radius.

The WIEZ Vibrating Waterproof fence is portable, easy to set up, and does not require a transmitter before working. It has 3 different adjustable vibration and shock levels capable of sending warnings to your dog when moving out of the defined boundaries.

It has a safety design that allows the vibration or shock to continue working for 16 seconds and a 30-second pause whenever your dog goes beyond the set range. However, if your dog refuses to return, the system will stop working until the dog returns. So, do not worry about continuous shock or vibration for your dog.

dog laying on the groundSportDog Brand In-Ground Fence System

If you need an underground invisible dog fence that could cover a large area of land, the SportDog Brand product is a great choice. It features a waterproof rechargeable collar, wire break alarm system, flags, and wires that could cover up to third areas of land.

The SportDog Brand fence system gives warning sounds and vibrations to your dog when approaching boundaries and also comes with 7 different adjustable static stimulation levels effective for warning your dog when out of boundaries. In addition, it is suitable for dogs weighing 10 pounds and above.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages to using an invisible fence instead of the traditional fence, one of which is the reduction of damages and vandalism. Also, you do not have to monitor your dog physically; there are measures in place to ensure the dog does not go beyond the fence.

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