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Cat Water Fountains: Best Fountains And Filters You Can Get

Cat Water Fountains: Best Fountains And Filters You Can Get

The amount of water your cat consumes is vital to its health as water plays several roles in a cat’s system. When you notice your cat hardly going to its water bowl to drink water, you might start to get worried and try to look for other alternatives to get your cat to drink water.

Some of the best cat water fountains and filters you can get are Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, Torus Filtered Dog, and Cat Water Bowl, Frisco Square Cat Fountain, PetSafe Drinkwell 360, Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain, and Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain. 

Most cats are attracted to running water, especially if it is clean; getting a water fountain is a great way to encourage your cat to drink water frequently. However, before getting a water fountain, there is some information you should have acquired that will help you later in the future.

cat drinks on white and green fountain

Do Vets Recommend Water Fountains For Cats?

Yes, vets recommend water fountains for cats because cats do not like drinking water. So, since cats are attracted to running water, a water fountain will encourage your cat to increase its water intake. Cats have a very low thirst drive which is a trait that can lead to diseases if not dealt with.

When a cat does not drink enough water, it can result in dehydration and other health issues like urinary tract infections. To avoid this, pet owners are encouraged to increase the water intake of their cats. The reason for getting a water fountain is to ensure your cat drinks the appropriate amount of water every day.

Providing a cat with a new, moving water source ensures they obtain a proper water intake. There are several water fountains for cats; however, veterinarians highly recommend some. Let us explore some of those water fountains.

Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain weighs 1.9 pounds and has a 3 liters capacity; it is compact and customizable. Depending on your cat’s preference, you can switch between bubbling water, a faucet-like stream, and a gentle stream. You can adjust the water flow by changing the configuration of the fountain.

This cat fountain has a triple-action filter that removes magnesium, calcium, odors, and debris from the water. The water in this fountain does not sit at the bottom of the bowl, so dust, hair, and dirt cannot settle in the water. This fountain is very easy to clean; however, it is not dishwasher safe.

Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain

Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain is made of durable stainless steel, weighs 1.75 pounds, and has a holding capacity of 81 ounces. It has three flow modes: bubble, waterfall, and gentle fountain. It can be used for cats of all ages and sizes; however, the cat breed size varies.

The cat water fountain has a LED indicator light; when the fountain is empty, the light turns red, but when it is full, the light turns blue. The LED lights also act as an attraction for the cats, enticing them to take a drink. A circulating filtration system removes food particles, dirt, and hair from the water.

Frisco Square Cat Fountain

Frisco Square Cat Fountain is one of the best water fountains for cats; it provides your cat with an enticing oasis that helps them stay hydrated. It has a quiet submersible pump with a 6-foot cord that keeps up to 94 ounces of water. This fountain has a high-quality bowl, easy-to-clean pump, and filter.

The pump of this fountain has a low water level sensor, so it automatically stops operating when the bowl water level is below the minimum level. Before filling this fountain with water, you must unplug it. This cat fountain comes in color blue and neutral gray. The filter of this fountain has to be changed every 30 days.

Can You Leave A Cat Water Fountain On All The Time?

Yes, you can leave a cat water fountain on all the time. However, the pump of the fountain must always be under the water. If the pump runs dry, it can get damaged and need to be replaced. Leaving the cat water fountain on all the time encourages your pet cat to drink more water.

When your cat sees the water fountain rushing, it gets excited. This is because cats love running water, whether it is from a faucet or bathtub. So, when you leave your cat’s water fountain on, it gets the urge to frequent the fountain and drink water. Encouraging your cat to drink water is good for its health.

A water fountain simulates a natural water source in the wild; cats assume this water to be cleaner and fresher, so they are more willing to drink from it. If you leave your cat’s fountain on, you should constantly check it and ensure it has enough water. The pump of the cat fountain must never run dry.

Experts recommend emptying and refilling your cat water fountain every one to two days. This procedure helps ensure you provide your cat with a clean and fresh water supply now and then. You do not want your cat to get sick due to the type of water you provide it with.

cat drinks from clear blue water fountain

Can Cat Fountains Make Cats Sick?

The type of fountain and how regularly you clean it determines if it can make your cat sick or not. As long as you use a recommended cat fountain and maintain it properly, your cat will remain healthy. The water in a cat fountain can get contaminated when you do not maintain it regularly.

When a cat drinks contaminated water, the chances of becoming sick are very high. Using a plastic water fountain for your cat can increase the cat’s risk of developing feline acne. Plastic bowls are one of the main causes of acne in cats; although this infection can be treated, it might lead to other infections.

The bacteria within the scratches and cracks of plastic food and water dishes aggravates a cat’s skin and causes acne. Some plastic water fountains contain BPA, a carcinogenic chemical. If a cat gets a scratch from such a plastic fountain, it can create openings where bacteria will thrive, making your cat sick.

So, it is best to avoid a plastic cat water fountain to protect your cat and prevent it from falling sick. It is best to get one made from metal or ceramic; however, it should be a glaze ceramic and lead-free. Maintaining your cat’s fountain also helps keep your cat healthy.

Can You Use A Cat Fountain Without Filter?

All cat fountains will operate without a filter because the filters are not essential in the fountains’ operation. You can use a cat fountain without a filter, but it is not advisable because the fountain has crevices and nooks that debris can accumulate in. The filter helps prevent debris and other materials from entering the pump.

When you do not use a filter with your cat fountain, it will be filled with biofilm and other undesired substances that might be difficult to get rid of. When these substances contaminate your cat’s fountain, and your cat drinks such water, it can end up falling sick or getting infected.

Final Thoughts

Most cats do not like drinking water, so vets advise pet cat owners to feed their cats with foods containing water. However, you can decide to get a cat water fountain for your cat as a method of encouragement to start consuming lots of water. However, when getting a water fountain, watch out for the material it is made of and make sure you get one with a filter.