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Cooling Dog Bed: Top 4 Cooling Dog Beds You Can Get

Cooling Dog Bed: Top 4 Cooling Dog Beds You Can Get

When the weather is hot during the dry season, dogs get hot with all the furs on their skin. To cool off, they pant; it works similarly to how humans sweat when they are hot. However, panting does not always cool dogs off when hot; the best solution is to get a cooling dog bed.

The top 8 cooling dog beds you can get are Frisco Steel-Framed Dog Bed, Sealy Lux Orthopedic Dog Bed, K&H Pet Elevated Dog Bed, Cooling Gel Memory Foam Bed, Furhaven Cooling Gel Dog & Cat Bed, Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed, Tucker Murphy Dog Cot, and Stella Pet Bed.

It is important to always watch your dog to know when there are changes in mood or physical issues and can take the most appropriate steps. There are different types of cooling dog beds, and each is unique.

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Cooling Dog Bed

Dogs do not have it easy cooling off when hot as humans and other animals do; they have a big coat of fur to contend with. They do not have sweat glands all over their bodies, only on the paw pads and nose.

Cooling dog beds last for about three to five years on average. This is based on some conditions, like the type of cooling bed you purchase, how you maintain the bed, and how the bed is used.

Frisco Steel-Framed Dog Bed

This is one of the top cooling dog beds you can purchase; although it looks basic, it features many benefits for your dogs. The Frisco Steel-Framed Dog Bed fabric is coated with PVC to ensure increased durability, support, and water resistance.

As a dog owner, cleaning cooling beds can be a burden, but this bed is machine washable. Moreover, if the fabric begins to deteriorate after years of usage, you can purchase replaceable covers from the company after years of usage. The frame of the Frisco Steel-Framed Dog Bed is elevated and is produced from powder-coated steel that is lightweight and sturdy.

It also features skid-resistant feet that hold the cooling bed steady on all surfaces and will not shift even as your dog tries different positions to be comfortable. The Frisco Steel-Framed Dog Bed comes in four colors and three sizes. It costs only $19 on Chewy.

Sealy Lux Orthopedic Dog Bed

Another good cooling bed for your dog is the Sealy Lux Orthopedic Dog Bed; it delivers comfort, quality, and luxury for your dog. Produced by Sealy, it features the same technology used in producing the best-selling mattresses for humans. The Sealy Lux Orthopedic Dog Bed comprises four layers of foam.

The layers are a pr-charcoal foam base, a bio-orthopedic foam, a pet rest memory foam, and a cooling gel combo. The cooling gel combo keeps the dog cool, and the orthopedic foam supports its joint. The foam base provides additional support and absorbs odors, while the memory foam helps increase circulation by conforming to the dog’s body movement.

It also features a detachable cover for quick and easy cleaning. The Sealy Lux Orthopedic Dog Bed is 32 inches long, 42 inches wide, 8 inches high, and weighs 14.2 pounds. This cooling dog bed played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the dog bed industry. It costs $110 on Amazon, $161.50 on Chewy, and $100 to $200 on Sealy’s official website.

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K&H Pet Elevated Dog Bed

This is a cooling bed designed to make your dog feel cool and comfortable during the warm summer and spring months. It features a sturdy waterproof nylon fabric that lets air flow around, up, and under the dog. The K&H Pet Elevated Dog Bed is double-backed and double stitched for extra strength.

It can support a weight of up to 200 pounds, and it features a breathable mesh center, making it great for camping, traveling, picnicking, and other outdoor activities. It also has a middle bar for additional support, non-skid rubber feet to keep the bed steady while the dog hops on.

It has a removable, machine-washable cover; it is easy to disassemble and assemble without the need for any tools. It comes in four sizes, small, medium, large, and x-large.

Small is 17 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 7 inches high; medium is 25 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 7 inches high; large is 30 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 7 inches high; x-large is 32 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 9 inches high.

Furhaven Cooling Gel Dog & Cat Bed

This cooling bed is perfect for both old and young dogs; it is designed to provide coolness, comfort, and a cozy bed for resting. It features five layers to meet the comfort needs of pets; memory foam top, orthopedic slab foam, convolute orthopedic foam, fiber-filled pillow, and cooling gel top.

The cooling gel layer is an optional feature, so you may not need it if your dog is not suffering a heatstroke. The Furhaven Cooling Gel Dog & Cat Bed has an L-shape similar to the end of sofas, which is the most favorable spot to sleep in. It allows your pets to burrow into for security and supports them to lay their heads on.

The Furhaven Cooling Gel Dog & Cat Bed is available in five sizes; small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus. On Furhaven’s official website, the small bed is $22, the medium is $34, the large is $46, the jumbo is $65, and the jumbo plus is $124.

Do Cooling Beds For Dogs Work?

Pet owners ask if cooling beds for dogs are effective; there are many doubts on how a bed will be cool enough for a dog. You should not be worried; we will prove that cooling beds for dogs work well.

When your dog is hot, you must have noticed that they will find a cool spot to lie in; they specifically search for cool tiles to rest on to cool off the heat. A cooling bed for a dog works the same way, but it is much cooler and effective than when your dog lies on the floor.

Cooling beds are either filled with water or a special heat-absorbing gel, so when the dog lays on it, its body warms up the gel, thereby dropping the dog’s internal temperature. After the dog has been cooled, it will leave, and the heat flows out of the bed into the floor, making it cool again for the dog to lay on.

How Can I Keep My Dog’s Bed Cool?

We know that not all pet owners will purchase cooling dog beds for many reasons. Furthermore, some do not believe cooling beds work. There is an alternative for them, making their dog’s bed cool. Here is how to keep your dog’s bed cool.

It is important to keep your dog’s bed away from direct sunlight, regardless of the weather condition. For the bed to be cool, you must keep it away from unnecessary heat. And when under direct sunlight, the fabrics get heated up. You should also keep the bed off every electronic or appliance that gives off heat.

You should place your dog’s bed in a room with a controlled temperature and be sure to leave the air conditioner running. Alternatively, you can place a small fan close to the dog’s bed and position it to where the dog sleeps. Another way to keep the bed cool will be to place some ice packs under the bed.

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Final Thoughts

Cooling beds are very good for dogs, especially in tropical regions where it is hot half of the year. Using cooling beds is also a great way to reduce the amount of electricity used to keep your pets cool. Cooling beds for dogs are not for one-time use; they are for repetitive use. However, you should ensure you purchase one with removable covers and must be machine-washable.

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