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Do Chihuahuas Shed? Complete Chihuahua Shedding Guide

Do Chihuahuas Shed? Complete Chihuahua Shedding Guide

If you are hoping to get a Chihuahua dog breed soon, it is important you know if they shed or not. It is easy for you to assume that Chihuahuas do not shed, especially if you see a short-haired Chihuahua; in reality, all Chihuahuas shed, although at a very moderate level. Keep reading for more information about the Chihuahuas shedding guide.

Chihuahuas shed hair like every other dog breed; however, they shed minimally throughout the year compared to other dog breeds. As Chihuahuas’ coats change due to the heat in summer and spring, they shed more hair. Single-coated Chihuahuas shed differently from double-coated Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas are low shedding dog breeds, and it depends on the type of coat your Chihuahua has; there are long coats, short coats, double-coats, and single-coats.

brown chihuahua next to bowl of hair

Chihuahuas Shedding

Shedding is a natural and healthy process that occurs in dogs. It is a way of helping dogs get rid of unwanted hairs on their undercoat. However, the rate at which dogs shed differs. Some dogs are low shedders, while some are heavy shedders. Chihuahuas, just like other dogs, shed hair throughout the year, but on a minimal level.

Shedding in Chihuahua is the same as other dogs – to get rid of unwanted undercoat hair. Chihuahuas’ coats are of two different types. Some have a short-haired coat, while others have a long-haired coat. Regardless of the coat type, their shedding level is almost the same.

There are times during the year that Chihuahuas tend to shed a little bit more than usual – shedding season. During the shedding season, Chihuahuas respond to the change in seasons and anticipate the coming season. The two seasons they tend to shed more are during spring and fall.

Shedding during the spring is usually heavier than in fall. The dog would shed more to make it feel cool, anticipating summer. Also, during fall, Chihuahuas shed to allow thicker coats to develop. So, if you notice a Chihuahua shedding more during shedding seasons, that’s normal. However, the moment the shedding season has passed and you notice your dog still shedding more; it could indicate something else.

Causes of Excessive Shedding in Chihuahuas

Whenever you notice some signs of excessive or abnormal shedding in your Chihuahua, it is important to detect the cause. If it’s due to an underlying health condition, it might lead to more severe conditions if not detected quickly. We will be explaining some likely causes of excessive shedding below.


If you notice your Chihuahua shedding more as it gets older, it could be suffering from hypothyroidism. This health condition could affect a Chihuahua thyroid gland, preventing it from producing enough thyroid hormone to regulate metabolism. To ensure this condition, watch out for cold intolerance, obesity, slow heart rate, thinning coat, and excessive shedding.

To treat your dog, you would need the help of a professional vet, which may prescribe synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine to help stabilize your dog’s hormone. Some blood tests could be needed too.


Allergies are a common reason for shedding in a lot of dogs. If you notice your Chihuahua shedding after you recently changed its diet, it could be allergic to the food or an ingredient. Also, other forms of allergies could be from the environment. If a dog comes in contact with a toxic chemical in an environment, it could cause it to begin to shed.

A way of helping the dog regain its coat and stop the excessive shedding when suffering from an allergy is to stop the dog from coming into contact with it. For instance, if the allergy is from the environment, maybe due to taking your dog outside for a walk. Ensure the dog does not go out anymore. You can also seek the advice of a vet before changing your Chihuahuas meal.

Infections and Skin diseases

Chihuahuas are vulnerable to having skin problems. Some of the skin problems include dandruff and eczema. When attacked by any of these problems, it could lead to the shedding of their coats. If you notice your Chihuahua suffering from these skin diseases, ensure you contact your vet. A way of preventing skin diseases is by regular grooming and feeding your dog the proper diet.

Heat Cycle

During your female Chihuahua heat cycle, you could notice it shedding more. This is quite normal, and the hormones are usually responsible. You do not have to get bothered when this happens – it is quite normal. The shedding would stop once the dog is out of the heat cycle.

Ways on Managing Shedding in Chihuahua

The truth is you cannot stop your Chihuahua from shedding completely; you can only help manage and control the shedding. We will look at some of the most effective ways of managing your Chihuahua’s shedding.

comb full of dog hair


This is the most effective way of helping your Chihuahua manage its shedding rate. Regular brushing helps your dogs’ coat stay healthy, distributes its coat oil, removes loose hair, and reduces the rate you see excessive dog hair all over the house. It is important to state that the rate and type of brush to be used depends on your Chihuahuas coat type.

Ensure you brush its coat twice weekly with a slicker brush type for a long-haired coat. During shedding seasons, you can increase the number of times you brush it. For the short-haired coat Chihuahua, once weekly with a soft bristle brush is enough to maintain its coat.

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Aside from regular brushing, bathing your Chihuahua is another essential way of managing the rate it sheds. Ensure you bathe your dog with the right shampoos that could help remove dead hairs, debris, and dirt. You can also try to loosen your Chihuahua hair by brushing it before bathing, especially if you are bathing it in the bathroom, to avoid its tangled hair from blocking your floor drain.


If your Chihuahua is shedding due to getting in contact with a food allergy, the shedding won’t stop until you get rid of the allergy. So, if you are sure a food allergy is the cause of your dog shedding, talk to your vet for healthy food recommendations. Also, the type of diet your Chihuahua feeds on could help maintain a healthy coat or otherwise. So be sure its food is filled with healthy nutrients and ingredients.

How Much Do Chihuahuas Shed?

Chihuahuas shed daily, but they are moderate shedders, so, throughout the year, they only shed hair in light amounts. However, during the seasons of shedding, spring and summer, they shed more. Luckily, they do not shed as much as other breeds like Golden Retrievers. Also, their small size and light coats make them shed little hair.

At the end of spring, when summer is close, Chihuahuas shed their winter coats to prepare for summer coats. And this is the season when Chihuahuas shed more hair, and during this season, you need to use a brush to remove the undercoat of the Chihuahua.

Do Long-Haired Chihuahuas Shed?

All types of Chihuahuas shed; there is an assumption that long-haired Chihuahuas shed more than short-haired. This is not true, Chihuahuas shedding does not depend on its external coat, but it depends on the dog’s undercoat. If a Chihuahua has a double coat, it will shed twice annually, in fall and summer. This is not affected by the external coat of the Chihuahua.

Final Thoughts

Many people believe that there are hypoallergenic dogs, this is not true. No dog breed is completely hypoallergenic; every dog sheds but differently. Chihuahuas are moderate shedders, and when you look at their size, there is very little hair for them to shed anyways. Chihuahuas are not great for people allergic to dogs despite shedding moderately.

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