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Why Your Dog Is Peeing On The Bed And How To Stop Them?

Why Your Dog Is Peeing On The Bed And How To Stop Them?

No matter how loving, caring, and tolerating you are as a dog owner, waking up to meet your dogs’ pee on your bed could be very irritating. Initially, you could be outraged, but later on, you wonder what could have caused your dog to do such. Many reasons could cause a dog to pee on your bed; you need to understand the causes.

There are various reasons your dog pees on the bed; hormone-responsive urinary incontinence, anxiety, stress, or excitement, health issues, territorial marking, home-training issues, and urinary tract infection. Excitement, stress, and anxiety can cause a dog to pee while awake.

Unlike humans that pee on the bed while they are babies and must be trained to stop, dogs do not wet the bed. So, if your dog wets the bed, there is something wrong, and you need to find out why.

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Why Your Dog Is Peeing On The Bed

It is expected that your bed smells like you; as such, your dog might always want to be there, especially whenever you are away. It could lay on your bed to perceive your scent. As time goes by, there are chances that your dog might end up peeing on that bed someday.

You should understand that this could happen due to the dog facing some emotional distress or experiencing some health challenges. Of course, nobody would want to encourage a dog to pee on their bed. To stop it, we must understand what caused it. Below are some reasons why your dog pees on the bed.

Hormone Responsive Urinary Incontinence

If your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence, the dog is bound to leak urine anywhere unintentionally. Incontinence occurs in dogs when their urethral sphincter fails, causing the muscles that close the dogs’ urethra to stop working. When this happens, the urethra stops contracting, and urine leaks out.

The incontinence may occur during sleep or sometimes when the dog is even awake. This condition seems to be more in female dogs, older dogs, and some young dogs. Urinary incontinence could result from infections in the bladder, aging of your dog, or even due to neurological problems.

If your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence, do not allow it to get to your bed. Its urine could mess up your bed. However, if the dog likes being around you, you could get some dog diapers to help manage the situation. Also, take the dog to a vet for some medications.

Stress, Anxiety, Or Excitement

If you notice your dog peeing in strange places such as your bed, then it might be out of excitement or some emotional issues. If your young dog gets too excited sometimes, maybe due to some fun, it could cause it to release some urine. This is not something you should get bothered about; it would likely stop as it grows older.

Fear, stress, and anxiety could make a dog lose control of its bladder for a while, causing it to pee at the wrong places. For instance, if your dog faces anxiety due to loud noises, the dog could run to a safe spot like your bed. While on that bed, the anxiety could make your dog lose control of its bladder.

Health Issues

If your dog who has frequently been sleeping on your bed without peeing on it suddenly begins to, it might be due to some health issues. Some health issues, such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and tumors, could cause the dog to have some urine accidents.

You would need to speak to your vet concerning the sudden peeing of your dog for possible medications and treatments. Any slight change in your dog’s bathroom behavior is a clear indication of a health issue. Moreover, you must not treat it lightly; ensure the dog receives adequate healthcare and treatment.

Marking Territory

Dogs often pee in different areas where they stay to claim territory. This is more common in male dogs than females. If your dogs’ urine is not due to a health challenge, then it could be likely trying to mark territory. To mark territory on your bed, the bed might only release a small amount of urine on the bed instead of emptying its entire bladder.

However, regardless of the amount of pee, you should not encourage the behavior. What you need to do is to engage the dog in some behavior modification and training. However, if you cannot stop it yourself, you can seek help from a behaviorist. Although studies have proven that dogs do not mark to claim a territory, they only send out signals that they were present.

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How Do You Get A Dog To Stop Peeing On The Bed?

If you recently noticed your dog peeing on the bed, the first thing is to take it to a veterinary doctor for examination and detection of the cause of the pee. Your vet will need to determine if the cause is related to some health issues by conducting some urine and blood test, X-ray, and physical examination.

If a health issue is detected, possible treatment plans and medications would be administered to the dog to help stop the cause of the pee. However, if your vet cannot detect any medical issues, then there are chances that the pee is related to behavior problems. So, you will need to study and determine the trigger factor carefully.

If it is due to anxiety or fear, you will need to remove or reduce the cause of the fear to make your dog feel calmer. You could speak to your vet also for medications or supplements for anxiety. If you cannot correct your dog from these behavioral problems, you might hire a professional dog trainer.

The trainer should correct some of these behaviors in your dog. For instance, if your dog is territorial, it might be difficult for you to stop it yourself. While training your dog to stop peeing on your bed, you need to ensure it does not have access to the bed during that period.

Always keep your room locked whenever you are out. Also, ensure you take the dog to the bathroom frequently to use the bathroom for peeing when you are home. The moment your dog begins to pee at the right place (bathroom), you could reward it for such; that way, it tends to use the bathroom more.

Why Is My Dog Peeing On My Bed All Of a Sudden?

If your dog suddenly begins to pee on your bed, it could be an indication of underlying health issues. Some common health issues that make dogs pee suddenly are urinary tract infection, kidney diseases, diabetes, spinal injuries, and tumors. You will need to take your dog to a vet as soon as possible for proper treatment and checkups.

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Why Do Dogs Pee On Beds And Couches?

Your dog pees on the couch and bed because it wants to assert its dominance; this will frequently occur if you have many dogs, especially of different breeds. To show that a dog has a favorite spot and keeps other dogs away, that dog will pee in that area. Another reason could be anxiety, fear, excitement, or stress.

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons why a dog will pee on the bed; in most cases, the causes are physical and do not signify that the dog has an issue, although you need to curb the behavior. If your dog pees on the bed due to any health issue, you need to take swift action and take the dog to a vet for medical treatment.

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