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Dwarf Hamster Cages & Homes: How To Choose One?

Dwarf Hamster Cages & Homes: How To Choose One?

Dwarf hamsters make good pets. When showered with enough love and attention, they can live a long good life. As a pet owner, their housing should be one of your primary methods of showing care and love to them.

When deciding to get your little furry friend’s home, several factors such as size, durability, material, and ventilation of the cage should be considered, among others. The number of dwarf hamsters that would be cohabiting should also be considered.

Dwarf hamsters are tiny and could be pretty hard to find, so they should live in a cage with no space for escape. Choosing the proper housing for your dwarf hamster can be a bit confusing because you have to consider factors to ensure their home is perfect for them health-wise and social-wise.

yellow hamster house

How To Choose A Hamster Cage And Home

Let’s consider that dwarf hamsters are tiny in size, about two inches, and slightly similar in size to mice, yet they are our pets and need good homes, so let’s discuss some factors to consider when choosing one for them in detail.


Dwarf hamsters are tiny creatures that need a lot of space. Although you can’t necessarily have a big cage for a hamster, it is vital to note that they need room to exercise and expel their energy, considering how active they are.

These guys are small but have prominent personalities and love to play, so the bigger the space and size of the cage, the better. Still, it is essential to ensure that no matter how big the home is, the bar opening should be tiny because these little friends can easily wiggle out of these openings.

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Plastic cages are primarily typical for dwarf hamsters because they are designed to make it hard for these little friendly creatures to escape. Still, you can get metal wires also; ensure the openings are not big enough for them to escape through. You can also purchase multilevel cages that give your hamster a lot of room to wander and enough toys in the space to keep them busy.


Dwarf hamsters are small but very territorial pets. Hence, when planning to choose a home for them, you should consider the number of hamsters you are planning to adopt. Getting a small cage for multiple hamsters is a bad idea because it can lead to fights that can sometimes lead to severe injuries and, occasionally, death when they are not separated on time.


To humans, cross ventilation is essential because we can suffocate when there is no adequate ventilation. However, it is crucial for our little furry friends because they are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses, and they can quickly develop health issues due to a lack of ventilation.

It is recommended to purchase a breathable cage made primarily to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or improper ventilation.


Dwarf hamsters love to chew. They love to work their teeth against about anything, and their cage isn’t exempt. If their cage is made of flimsy materials that are not durable, they can break the cage with enough persistence and escape. So when purchasing a pet cage for a dwarf hamster or other hamsters, ensure that it cannot be destroyed by their teeth when they chew on it.


There’s usually either a plastic or metal wire cage. Each of these is an excellent option, but the metal wire is mostly easier to clean because a flat single-level wire cage mostly comes with a plastic base and a top component that you can easily slide on the plastic to cover. Hence you can easily remove the bottom and clean it off.

On the other hand, plastic cages might not be easy to clean since several have added tunnels for playing and exploring. However, this might not be a problem considering dwarf hamsters are usually clean animals. Still, the durability of plastic cages is another downside that comes with them because they are easily chewable.

What Size Cage Does A Dwarf Hamster Need?

The bigger, the better. Dwarf hamsters love to play, and a bigger home leaves more space for toys and sections. A recommended size for a dwarf hamster cage is 46cm × 25.4 cm with a height of 30.5cm. If you plan to get more than one dwarf hamster to live together, you need a bigger space. You might want to consider getting a more vast glass cage.

As a rule of thumb, remember that the more dwarf hamsters you plan to purchase, the more space is needed for your furry friends. You can choose from plastic cages, metal wire cages, and glass tables.

All these options have their benefits and downsides, but a vast glass tank is recommended if you have enough space in your home. It leaves no chance for escape. There are also some cages with both metal wires and plastics.

What Cage Is Best For A Dwarf Hamster?

As we have mentioned above, several cages are readily available that you can purchase for your furry friends. Let’s see some top homes recommended for your dwarf hamster below.

Prevue Pet Products Hamster Cage

Their hamster cages and cages for small animals have tight wire spacing, making it an excellent choice for a hamster to reduce escape. It features a deep plastic base that makes cleaning easy and a large high wall to exhaust our little friends.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Its name defines it quite well as this cage contains anything a hamster can dream of. The deep plastic base ensures a lot of digging, and the hamster home features two raised platforms, two feeding bowls, two houses, a running wheel, among others that give your hamster more than enough space to do its thing.

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

Here is an affordable hamster cage that won’t put a deep hole in your pocket. It takes up a little space and has everything you need to make your hamster comfortable. It features a wheel, ramp, water bottle, feeder.

However, you need to purchase additional bedding for this cage because it doesn’t come with one. It is equipped with a locking connector system that can easily attach extra cages.

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Ferplast is an excellent option if you plan to adopt or purchase more than one dwarf hamster. It is large-sized with enough space and gives a 360-degree view of your hamster with a see-through base.

It includes a lot of accessories for your little friends to play with. The only downside is that it is difficult to move your hamster in and out of this cage due to the one top-loading access door available.

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Are Wire Cages Bad For Dwarf Hamsters?

Technically, they are not. Wire cages allow good ventilation and are great cages to prevent escape. But, hamsters’ love for chewing might cause ingestion of the plastic coating of the wire they chew; this may choke them. If persistent enough, they may chew off part of the cage, which might cause internal damage when swallowed. Thus, a spacious glass cage is a better choice for them.

Final thoughts

Dwarf hamsters are relatively small, so you should pay attention to their home because they can be challenging to find when they leave the cage without supervision. Also, if you have multiple of these friendly pets, you should ensure enough space to avoid fights because they are very possessive animals.

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