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Top 5 Elevated Dog Bowls For Your Dog And Where To Buy

Top 5 Elevated Dog Bowls For Your Dog And Where To Buy

What do you see when you imagine an elevated dog bowl? Dog feeders supported by a sort of stand to increase its height several inches above the ground? You are right; that’s what it is. Several dog owners purchase elevated dog bowls rather than regular ones due to the benefits attached to them.

There are several top-elevated feeding bowls. Some of them are Pet zone designer diner, Frisco elevated stainless steel bowl, Neated slow feeder elevated dog bowl, Plantinum pets modern double diner feeders, Our pets elevated diner, Foreyy elevated bowls. 

The primary importance of a dog feeding on an elevated bowl is comfort. Thus the height of a raised dog bowl can vary depending on the dog’s size. However, a common downside of dogs using elevated bowls for feeding is the potential risk of bloat. Still, their advantages sometimes make them the best option for dogs.

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Do Vets Recommend Elevated Dog Bowls?

There are debates about whether an elevated food bowl is good or not among dog owners. Many believe it is a good way of feeding because it helps them digest, encourages better posture, etc. Others think it is terrible because it risks causing bloat, which can be deadly in dogs. Which side is right? Let’s take a look from a vet’s point of view.

It is quite a debatable topic, but typically, dogs should not eat from an elevated bowl. Bloat happens in dogs when their stomach gets filled with gas, food, or fluid. It blocks the entrance to the abdomen; hence your furry friend will be unable to let anything out or in. Bloat can occur when a dog eats too fast.

Studies, however, have shown that eating at ground level helps facilitate slow eating for dogs. Hence, it’s better to let them feed at ground level except in some cases, such as when a veterinarian recommends it. Some elevated dog bowls, such as Neated slow feeders, can help reduce fast-eating if you still want a raised dog bowl for your dog.

Veterinary doctors sometimes recommend an elevated dog bowl for your dog because of a particular illness or disease. It is essential to note that elevated dog bowls have pros and cons for a dog owner. Still, if not recommended, it’s advisable to keep your dogs away from it.

Do Dogs Need Elevated Food Bowls?

Yes, dogs need elevated bowls. A vet might recommend a raised dog bowl for your dog if it has a specific medical condition for comfortable feeding; that’s quite alright. Medical conditions that can lead to this recommendation include arthritis, joint pain, megaesophagus, etc.

Aside from the significant con of increasing the risk of bloat, elevated dog bowls have some excellent benefits, such as improving dogs’ posture. It also helps to slow down fast eaters, helps with swallowing, reduces spills and pours, and better digestion because it stops them from sleeping while eating. Here are some top elevated bowls you might want to consider for your dog.

Pet Zone Designer Diner

It is an adjustable elevated dog bowl. The feeder can accommodate both small, medium, and big-sized dogs with an adjustable height from 2.75 inches to 8 inches to a maximum of 12 inches. It has a rust-resistant material that is easy to clean. The diner includes two stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe.

The diner’s legs can be folded for smart keeping when not in use, and the legs have fitted non-slip pads that prevent the spilling of food and water. It is an excellent option if you want to give your dog a comfortable and chic diner. It is available on Amazon, and you can also purchase it from chewy and other pet stores.

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Frisco Elevated Stainless Steel Bowl

Frisco stainless feeder is another excellent option to provide your pet comfort as a dog owner. This elevated bowl will help reduce neck strain as your pet eats, but it also has a high edge design that prevents food or water spills. It has a stylish stand with non-skid rubber that prevents slipping and sliding. It’s available on chewy.

Neated Slow Feeder Elevated Dog Bowl

Here is another raised dog bowl option for medium-sized dogs. It is available in different colors and sizes. The difference in height affects the prices of the elevated feeding bowls. One side of the feeder is built with eight individual food pockets to reduce fast-eating, and lowering the risk of bloating.

In contrast to other dog feeders, you can customize the height to three different levels to accommodate dogs of various sizes. In addition, there is enough spacing between these pockets for any dog size to eat comfortably without injuries. It’s available on Amazon, and you can also purchase it on Chewy.

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder

If you are worried about your dog scratching and ruining the surface of their diner, then you have no cause to worry. Platinum pet modern diner is the number one selling powder coated pet bowl. It is made from stainless steel and covered with a vibrant powder finish. The diner is resistant to scratch and rust, non-toxic, and reduces the risk of ingesting broken fragments.

It is a simple design feeder with removable bowls mounted on hand forged wrought iron. Its sleek looks and availability in 18 different colors make it an excellent match for fitting the interior of any home. It is available in five different sizes to accommodate different pets. You can purchase platinum pet feeders on Amazon, Ubuy, and other pet stores.

Our Pets Comfort Elevated Diner

If you are looking for an option where you don’t always have to pour your dog’s water in a bowl, then here’s an excellent choice for you. Our pet elevated diner can use a water bottle. You have to remove one of the bowls and attach a two-liter water bottle for hydration.

They are suitable for adult dogs of all sizes and even more ideal for dogs with joint diseases because it helps them with a better posture while eating. It is a stainless steel bowl hence resistant to rust and safe for washing in the dishwasher. You can buy it on Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, and other pet stores.

How High Should Elevated Food Bowls Be?

Generally, experts say that an elevated dog bowl should be at the same height as a dog’s chest. Still, there’s a proper way to measure before purchasing a dog’s bowl so you can get the accurate size. The precise size will help reduce the risk of unknowingly causing your dog any harm.

Measure your dog while standing from the floor to the shoulders, then proceed to deduct about 5 to 6 inches. Your result is the accurate height of the diner for your dog. You should ensure that your dog can eat without lowering its head with this height.

A little tip to know if a dog feeder is the right one is to ensure that the top of the diner is at the exact level of your dog’s lower chest.

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Final Thoughts

Elevated bowls for dogs have pros and cons. Still, it’s advisable to stay away from them if your dog has no medical condition that requires this recommendation from a veterinarian. However, if you want to purchase an elevated bowl for your dog, buy the right size so your furry friend can benefit from the several pros of elevated bowls.