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English Cream Dachshunds: Interesting Facts About This Breed

English Cream Dachshunds: Interesting Facts About This Breed

Dachshunds are one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet, and they come in different appearances. A funny fact is that the word Dachshunds was used as an alternate name for the Germans during World War 1. Cross-breeding an English Cream Retriever and the Dachshund produces the English Cream Dachshunds.

The English Cream Dachshund is recognized by their coats’ golden brown or cream color due to the blonde gene produced. Dachshunds with black, spare brown or red coats are affected by this. The coat color is the only difference between an English Cream Dachshund and other Dachshunds.

The English Cream Dachshund has the same build, temperament, health status, and behavior as the regular Dachshunds. If you plan on getting an English Cream Dachshund, you need to understand the breed.

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English Cream Dachshunds

We mentioned earlier that the English Cream Dachshund is a cross-breed of the Dachshund and the English Cream Retriever. We will look at both breeds that produced the English Cream Dachshund.

The Dachshund

The Dachshund first originated in Germany and was used to assist farmers and hunters in dealing with moles, badgers, and other burrow-dwelling animals. The Dachshunds get rid of the animals by chasing them out of their tunnels. Dachshunds were bred to be short with an unusually long body, making them easily slip in and out of narrow tunnels.

The English Cream Retriever

The English Cream Retriever was first bred in Scotland in the 19th century as a hunting companion. They are a variant of the Golden Retriever, the difference being the slightly wide face and stocky build of the English Cream Retriever. These dogs were bred to retrieve waterfowl shot by hunters. They have long fluffy coats and a muscular build to swim with agility.

Features Of The English Cream Dachshunds

There are different breeds of dogs; each breed has different features and attributes that differentiate them from others. Most times, the distinct features of dog breeds are their coat color, eye color, and sometimes their weights. The English Cream Dachshunds is a very attractive and elegant breed of dog.

On occasion, this dog breed has a beautifully lovely cream coat with a black overlay called shading. Their coat is also one of the softest you will ever find on a Dachshund. The English Cream Dachshunds were first bred in the United Kingdom. This breed is rare to find and is regarded as one of the most coveted Dachshund breeds.

The important feature of an English Cream Dachshund is their coat; their coat distinguishes them from another dog breed. An English Cream Dachshund’s coat comes in various beautiful cream colors, ranging from a rich golden cream to a very light, almost white cream. Sometimes, the colors also include shading.

Their cream color is quite attractive and soothing to the sight. The main reason behind the color of an English Cream Dachshund is the Chinchilla gene discovered in their genetic composition. English Cream Dachshunds are unrivaled among their breed when it comes to coat suppleness.

The fur of an English Cream Dachshund resembles that of a bunny rabbit and is always silky to the touch. The coat of English Cream Dachshunds is one of the smoothest in the Dachshunds family. The American Kennel Club first recognized the English Cream Dachshund breed in 1885.

The temperament of an English Cream Dachshund is another important feature that differentiates them from other breeds. Most Dachshund dog owners have admitted that these breeds of dogs are the quietest and laid back, although there are no studies or researches to back this up.

The English Cream Dachshunds are known and loved for their various characteristics, one of which is a lovely temperament. People who own this breed of dogs or have spent time with them for an extended period know that they are mild-mannered and lovely, which is why all love them.

However, there are times when English Cream Dachshunds will display unacceptable behaviors; it happens occasionally. This is a result of Dachshund’s inherent sense of independence. Generally, you should expect a loyal, obedient canine friend from an English Cream Doxie with a laid-back demeanor.

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How Much Are English Cream Dachshunds?

The English Cream Dachshunds are becoming one of the most popular breeds of dogs in demand. These cute puppies have many personalities, are easy to care for, and come in a range of markings and coat lengths, making each unique and lovely.

They also require moderate activity and do not need much space to thrive, making them a perfect companion for those who live in apartments or do not have gardens. These attributes are what make people love English Cream Dachshunds. The price of these dogs is dependent on several factors.

When purchasing an English Cream Dachshunds, you should anticipate paying $500 to $1000 for your puppy on average. Prices range from $300 to $3500, depending on where you get your dog. You can get an English Cream Dachshunds from Craigslist for an average cost of $300 and $600.

If you are getting the dog from a rescue, you will pay a fee lower than $300. However, if you are getting it from a breeder, you will pay higher; you should expect to pay a price ranging from $1500 to $3500. This option is considered the best because you will be getting a healthy puppy.

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How Big Do English Cream Dachshunds Get?

English Cream Dachshunds are small dog breeds; hence, they will not grow as big as others. The average height of an English Cream Dachshund is 7 to 10 inches, while the average weight is 15 to 30 pounds. The size your English Cream Dachshund will get to depends on how you care for it.

If you fail to take good care of your English Cream Dachshund, it will fall sick frequently and not grow as big as it is supposed to be. Hence, you should make sure you feed it with the proper diet, take it out for exercise regularly, and always make an appointment with your veterinarian for a medical checkup.

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How Long Do English Cream Dachshunds Live?

Most English Cream Dachshunds live for about 12 to 15 years; however, they might not live that long if you do not properly care for your dog. The health of the dog determines how long it will live. Some of the ways to ensure your dog lives long are by making sure it exercises regularly, is properly groomed, and consumes the right diet.

Grooming your English Cream Dachshund requires you always to brush its coat with a slicker brush to make sure it is tangle-free. You should also bathe your dog, but it should not be more than once a month. Trimming the feet, nails, and around the ears of your English Cream Dachshund is also necessary during grooming.

Make sure you always check the mouth, eyes, skin, and feet for rashes, sores, or symptoms of infections such as redness or inflammation as you groom your English Cream Dachshund. Regular grooming and examinations will enable you to detect potential health risks sooner in your dog.

You should also make sure to exercise your English Cream Dachshund; however, keep in mind that this dog breed does not require lots of exercises. Overexercising them could result in health problems. You can take your dog out for a 20 minutes walk and 10 minutes of playtime as their exercise period.

Final Thoughts

English Cream Dachshunds are one of the best breeds of dogs you can get. If you wish to have a companion with whom you can spend your time, you can easily get an English Cream Dachshund. As long as you adhere to all requirements for owning this breed of dog, the dog will remain healthy.

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