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How Long Do Calico Cats Live? Do Female Calico Live Longer?

How Long Do Calico Cats Live? Do Female Calico Live Longer?

Most people think calico cats are a breed of cats; however, calico cats are domestic cats of any breed with a tri-color coat; this means they have three colors in their coat’s pattern. There are also bicolor cats, deaf white cats, Maltese cats, and tabby cats. One of the things most calico cat owners are worried about is how long the cat will live.

An average cat lives for about 15 years or more if properly cared for; the same goes for a calico cat. The average lifespan of a calico cat is 12 to 15 years. Female calico cats live longer than male cats because the male cat has the XXY chromosomes, which comes with bad health.

Most calico cats have coats that contain colors orange, white, and black. The lifespan of calico cats depends on gender, environment, breed, and feeding; there is no way to predict the calico cat’s lifespan, but there are factors that affect the lifespan. If you plan to get a calico cat or have one already, you must understand these factors.

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How Long Do Indoor Calico Cats Live?

An indoor calico cat will live for about 12 to 15 years because a cat living indoors has less exposure to health issues and dangers. When a calico cat lives outside, it is most likely to have different health issues and be more exposed to different diseases. This is because there are several germs in the air, and most times, the outdoor environment is not always safe.

One of the reasons an indoor calico cat will live longer is because they are safe from the dangers of living outdoors. When a cat is living outdoors, it has to struggle for survival with other animals. So, it is most likely to get injured or get an infection as a result of injuries while competing for food and other necessities of life.

Indoor calico cats get all the nutrients they need from the food they are fed by their owners, so they will be very healthy and live longer. Outdoor cats, however, may not get the nutrition they need since they are not eating the foods that will replenish their nutritional needs.

When a calico cat is not getting enough nutrients, especially a male cat, it may become sick and develop several diseases. A sickly calico cat will not live as long as it should. Another reason why indoor calico cats live long is that they do not have to fight with other animals for food.

When a cat fights with other animals, it will always get injuries and cuts. If these cuts and injuries are not treated immediately, the risk of infection is very high. Once infected, these injuries can cause serious health issues and damage the system. In cases like this, the cat’s health begins to deteriorate, and the cat will not live long.

An indoor cat is always safe and will live long because there is no chance of getting into an accident or consuming poisonous substances. However, an outdoor cat is exposed to more risks. It might be trying to cross the road and getting hit by a car, leading to serious injury or death.

Do Calico Cats Live Shorter Lives?

Female calico cats do not have shorter lives; however, the same cannot be said for male calico cats. There are several reasons why male calico cats have shorter lives; one of the main reasons is their chromosomal makeup. Calico male cats are very rare because the color pattern’s genetics are carried out on the cat’s X chromosome.

According to research, a cat must have two X chromosomes before having the calico color pattern. All female cats have XX chromosomes; so, it is normal that most calico cats are females. However, male cats naturally have the XY chromosomes; so, for a male cat to be a calico, he must have an extra X chromosome, the XXY chromosomes.

When a male cat has an extra X chromosome, it will affect his vitality and health. A condition called Klinefelter’s Syndrome is associated with male cats that have an extra X chromosome. Hence, this syndrome reduces the lifespan of male calico cats; but no statistics show how short the cat’s life will be.

One of the health problems with Klinefelter’s Syndrome is cognitive impairments. This issue causes behavioral problems and disorientation in the cat, affecting its nervous system and brain. Another health problem is increased body fat mass, resulting in diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions.

The syndrome can also cause dyslipidemia, a disorder that interferes with lipoprotein metabolism. It can also result in insulin resistance; when a cat has insulin resistance, it cannot digest and break down insulin. This can result in diabetes which will affect the cat’s general health.

A calico cat with Klinefelter’s Syndrome will have reduced bone mineral content. This will increase the risk of bone fractures because it becomes weak and can break easily when the bone is not getting enough minerals. However, you should make sure you take good care of your cat and feed it with the right diet so that you have a healthy cat.

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How Long Do Female Indoor Calico Cats Live?

Female indoor calico cats live for about 12 to 15 years, depending on how well they are taken care of. Some even live into their twenties if taken care of properly. As a female indoor calico cat owner, you must take some steps and actions to ensure your cat lives longer.

The first step is to ensure your cat has adequate health care; this process starts right when it is a kitten. You must make sure you always spay your kitten. Spaying a kitten prevents it from having some serious health problems as it grows older.

Some health issues you will prevent by spaying the cat are uterine and ovarian cancer, pyometra, and mammary cancer. Another step to make sure your calico cat lives longer is to vaccinate it. Vaccination prevents the cat from serious diseases affecting its health and lifespan.

There are various vaccines your cat should get, like FVRCP, FIP, Rabies, and FeLV. These vaccines protect your cat from the different diseases it might get. The diet of an indoor female calico cat plays a huge role in its lifespan. Cats are obligate carnivores; this means their main diet is meat.

It would be best if you did not feed your female calico cat with carrots, green beans, and other vegetables because it does not add any nutrients to their system. Carbohydrates should be limited in your cat’s diet; this includes peas, potatoes, and grains.

Also, do not feed your calico cat too much dry food. Make sure you read the label of any food you want to give your cat and know the ingredients such food is made of. Let products like seafood and meat be at the top of your cat’s diet list.

You should also make sure your indoor calico female cat takes a lot of water. Always take your cat to the veterinarian for routine checkups so that any symptoms or infections can be treated immediately. You can also let your calico cat exercise in order to stay healthy.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a calico cat, male or female, you must know that the life of that cat is in your hands. How long it will live is determined by how well you take care of it and the diet you feed it. If you want your calico cat to live to its fullest, take good care of it and make sure it stays healthy.

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