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3 Best Toys For Guinea Pigs: What To Know Before You Buy

3 Best Toys For Guinea Pigs: What To Know Before You Buy

Guinea pigs are a special species of rodents; they live for several years, have different personalities, and are very vocal. These rodents make a great pet as they are entertaining, fun to play with, and very clean. However, when you have a pet, it is essential to get it toys so it has something to play with when you are unavailable.

The 5 best toys for guinea pigs are Kaytee Perfect Chews, Grass chew ball, WINOMO Pet Hammock, Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel, and Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler. Before you buy a toy for a guinea pig, you must understand that guinea pigs think burrowing, nibbling, and tossing things about is fun. 

The idea of fun for guinea pigs determines the type of toys you will get for them. Some toys are not appropriate for guinea pigs because they can harm or scare them. So, you need to know the most appropriate toys for guinea pigs.

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What Toys Do Guinea Pigs Prefer?

When selecting or choosing a toy for a guinea pig, you should think like you are getting a toy for a baby. This is because almost every toy a guinea pig gets will go into its mouth, and you do not want to see your guinea pig nibbling on something harmful like metal, steel, or plastic.

Getting a toy for a guinea pig does not require spending a lot of money, which is one of the advantages of having a pet guinea pig. Guinea pigs love burrowing and nibbling; hence they prefer a toy that they can nibble on or burrow into. There are several types of toys available for guinea pigs.

Some of the toys guinea pigs prefer are paper bags, PVC pipes to hide in, their water bottles, old socks filled with hay, chew sticks made for guinea pigs, igloos made from edible or non-toxic materials, old towels or clothes, small empty cardboard boxes, and scrunched up balls of blank computer paper.

You should never get a ferret or hamster balls, wheels, and materials made of metal as a toy for your guinea pig. A ferret or hamster ball can cause suffocation in the guinea pig while metals are harmful. Also, it is important that you do not get a guinea pig any toy that you do not want them to chew.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Stuffed Toys?

Yes, guinea pigs can have stuffed toys; however, the toys must be made of chewable materials. Guinea pigs love playing with stuffed toys and get comfortable with them easily; besides, stuffed toys do not cost as much. However, before getting any stuffed toy for your guinea pig, make sure the eyes are not glass, plastic, or button.

Guinea pigs love to chew on stuff, so stuffed toys are appropriate for them. They often use these stuffed toys as pillows and drag them around as they love dragging things. After getting a stuffed toy for your guinea pig, you must remember to cut off any tag or threads from the toy so that your guinea pig does not chew on them.

When a guinea pig chews on a tag or thread, it might cause choking, which will require medical attention. If the guinea pig does not get attention on time, it might die due to suffocation. Also, it would be best if you made sure any stuffed animal you get for your guinea pig has only sewn eyes.

You should also make sure the eyes of any stuffed animal you are giving it are not glued. Giving your guinea pig a stuffed toy will help alleviate its loneliness and will provide company for it, especially if it is a single guinea pig. There are different types of stuffed toys for guinea pigs, such as:

  • Stuffed Paper Bags
  • Stuffed Cardboard
  • Stuffed socks

These stuffed toys are all homemade and can be done by yourself; so, you do not need to spend a lot of money on them. However, you can also purchase any stuffed toys suitable for guinea pigs. Always make sure you clean the stuffed toys once they get dirty so that your guinea pig does not ingest dirt and germs and fall sick.

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What Chew Toys Can Guinea Pigs Have?

One of the common habits of guinea pigs is chewing on objects and materials. To prevent your guinea pig from getting sick due to chewing on a dirty or harmful object, you should get a chew toy for it. Most pet animals have chew toys, and your guinea pig should have one too.

Chew toys do not only keep your guinea pig busy but also help them mentally and health-wise. One of the reasons guinea pigs love chewing on objects is to keep their teeth in check because their teeth never stop growing. Chewing and gnawing help keep a guinea pig’s teeth ground down to a manageable level.

Some of the best chew toys you can get for your guinea pigs are Kaytee perfect chews, willow branch ball, and oxbow apple stick.

Kaytee Perfect Chews

This is a very entertaining chew toy for guinea pigs; it consists of wooden balls, wooden logs, orange slices, and an orange block. These are brightly colored to get the attention of the guinea pig. The chew toy has a crunchy texture, perfect for keeping the guinea pig’s teeth in shape. It comes with a metal hook for you to hang in your guinea pig cage. It costs $3 on Amazon, $3 on Chewy, and $4 on Walmart.

Willow Branch Ball

This is a versatile play toy for a guinea pig; it can be used as a play ball and a chew toy. The guinea pig can nudge it around, and it is sturdy enough to be chewed on. The Willow Branch Ball is 4 inches in diameter and is produced from natural willow, making it safe for guinea pigs to chew on. It costs $6 on Amazon and $9 at Walmart, and it comes in a pack of three and five.

Oxbow Apple Stick

Unlike the other chew toys, the Oxbow Apple Stick consists of hanging apple sticks with which guinea pigs can chew on and have fun. This chew toy is 0.59 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 15.34 inches long. The perfect way for your guinea pig to play with this chew toy is by hanging it over its cage. However, it does not come with a hook. The Oxbow Apple Stick cost $8 on Chewy.

What To Know Before You Buy A Toy For Your Guinea Pig

Before you purchase any toy for your guinea pig, you must consider a couple of things that are imperative to your pet’s wellbeing. It would be best if you never ignored these; otherwise, you will cause damage to your guinea pig and end up spending a lot of money to care for it.


This should be the first thing you consider before selecting a toy for your guinea pig. You need to ask questions like; is the toy safe? If the guinea pig chews on it, will it get injured? Is it the size that a guinea pig can swallow? Until you answer these questions, you should not select a toy. It is best to avoid toys from which your guinea pig can climb and fall off.

Chew Factor

This is another important thing to consider because your guinea pig will try to chew on every toy you give it. Chew toys are not just for fun for guinea pigs; they also help the animals maintain healthy teeth. Before selecting a chew toy, ensure it is made from safe, natural materials.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are fun pets to have, and it is also cool to have a pet that is different from the common ones (dogs and cats). You get a different approach to relating and caring for them. While you are focused on the comfort and fun your pet brings you, you should also think about how they can have fun in your absence.

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