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At What Age Do Cats Stop Growing? How Big Will Your Cat Get?

At What Age Do Cats Stop Growing? How Big Will Your Cat Get?

If you own a pet cat, one of the things you get worried about is your cat’s growth, especially as a kitten. There are different breeds of cats, and each of them has a different growth range; however, there are ways to tell how fast or slow your cat is growing.

Most experts and researchers believe that cats stop growing at 12 months. However, cats reach their full size when they are between 18 months and 4 years old. Most cats will reach 18 inches from paw to shoulder and weigh about 10 pounds when fully grown unless they become obese.

There are different stages in a cat’s life; different changes will occur when it is a kitten until it becomes a full-grown cat. However, some factors affect your cat’s growth, whether it will be healthy or not. You can determine how big your cat will be depending on the environment you live in and the diet it feeds on.

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At What Age Are Cats Full Grown?

Animals’ growth is completely different from that of humans. Unlike humans that continue to grow until they die, animals are fully grown when they reach a certain age. However, the age at which each animal is fully grown differs; sometimes the same animals of different breeds become fully grown at different ages.

Several researchers believe that cats reach adulthood when they are 12 months old; however, a cat might reach its full size when it is between 18 months and 4 years old. A cat has different life stages: kitten, junior, prime adult, mature adult, and senior. When a cat is in its kitten stage, it means it is between 0 and 6 months old.

At the kitten stage, cats grow faster and change most; this is their most impressionable phase in life. When a cat enters its junior stage, it is usually between 6 months old and 2 years old. At this stage, the cat continues to grow and mature; playing with a cat boosts its confidence and makes it feel more comfortable with you.

From age 3 to 6 years old, a cat is in its prime adult stage. A cat becomes fully grown and settled in its life at this stage. Once the cat is 7 years, it has entered the mature adult stage. At this stage, the cat becomes less active and more prone to health issues like being overweight, diabetes, and kidney damage.

A cat enters the senior stage at age 11; during this period, the cat’s health begins to deteriorate, and it is most likely to pass away. The senior stage of a cat is when the cat is between ages 11 and 14. The period at which a cat passes away is during this stage, and it varies between different breeds of cats.

How To Know If Your Cat Has Fully Grown?

Although a cat continues to grow after a year old, the growth might not be as evident as when it was younger. If you are not paying close attention to your cat, you might not notice these changes. The best way to know if your cat has fully grown is to measure and weigh it every month.

Cats grow taller from the ground to the top of their shoulders and longer. When you measure your cat every month, it will be easier to know when it is fully grown. After measuring for two or three consecutive months without noticing any new changes, you will know the cat is fully grown.

The weight of the cat also shows the maturity level of the cat. You can estimate the adult weight of your cat by weighing them when they are 16 weeks old and doubling the weight. Your cat’s emotional and social growth is also a part of the cat’s general growth. Cats become socially mature when they are about 6 to 7 months old.

At this age, your cat will need much socialization. You can invite friends to make the cat familiar with people; you should also spend time with the cat. Please make sure you play with it often and create games; petting the cat is also important. You can even use a calming diffuser for the cat to keep it calm while improving its socialization skills.

Can You Tell How Big A Cat Will Get?

One major misconception people have is that they believe you can tell how big a cat will get by looking at its paws. This theory is not true with cats; it is only relatable to dogs. You cannot tell how big your cat will get; however, you can estimate its adult weight by weighing it when it is 16 weeks old and doubling the weight.

Several factors affect how big a cat will get; one of the main factors is the breed of the cat. The larger breeds are usually bigger than the smaller ones; breeds like the Mine Coon cats, the largest breeds, will be bigger than a Singapura cat, the smallest breed of cats.

The cat’s diet also plays a huge role in how big the cat will get. When a cat is not getting enough nutrients or the nutrients it requires, it affects its growth. At the young age of a cat, it needs to consume a large number of daily calories to boost its growth to reach its proper size.

However, when a cat is not properly fed right from when it is a kitten, it can result in stunted growth, and the cat will not be as big as it should be. A cat’s diet should also contain loads of protein, the major nutrient a cat requires. So, even though you might not be able to tell how big your cat will get, you play a role in its growth process.

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Do Cats Grow After 1 Year?

Yes, cats grow after one year; however, this growth might not be noticeable in some cat breeds. Not all cats grow after one year; some of them, like Siamese and Tabbies cat breeds, become fully grown when they reach one year. However, other breeds continue to grow till they reach age 4.

Cats that continue growing after one-year-old are usually larger breeds of cats. The growth of these cats is usually slower since they are above a year old. The period of growth mostly ends when the cat is 18 months old, but larger breeds like the Maine Coons take long before they reach their full size.

The Maine Coons breed, for example, can be between 2 and 4 years of age before it stops growing. If you want to know if your cat continues to grow after one year, you can take measurements to detect any difference in its height. However, do not be disappointed if your cat does not continue growing after a year, especially if it is a small breed.

Some cats become fully grown at six months of age. Remember that all cats are different and from different breeds; hence, they have different growth ranges.

Final Thoughts

A cat’s growth is very important; no one wants to have an unhealthy cat or a cat with stunted growth. As a pet cat owner, the best thing to do for your cat to keep it healthy and growing is to feed it with the right nutrients and make sure the cat exercises. As long as you are playing your part in taking good care of your cat, it will grow at the rate it should, and you will have a healthy cat.