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What Do You Call A Group Of Cats? The Correct Way To Say It

What Do You Call A Group Of Cats? The Correct Way To Say It

The need to know how things are called or named is one of the most curious things. Have you ever wondered what we should call a group of cats?

There are many different ways to call a group of cats with several words such as group, Clowder, and many others that you might have heard. But the correct one is clowder which is a group of cats. When could we use the word Clowder? How many cats should a clowder have?

History of Cats

To know a little bit more about the history of our cats, we need to mention that domesticated cats come from way back from Egypt. Researchers have concluded that cats are over 9000 years old; many archaeologists have found bones that date far back. It was the archeologist’s research into ancient Egypt that provided this information.

Cats were domesticated in the Near East around 7500 BC. Cat domestication was initiated in ancient Egypt, and adoration rules for cats were established. As of 2018, the indoor cat was one of the top two most popular pets in the USA, with 96 million cats across.

What Was The Original Purpose Of Cats?

The original purpose of cats was to domesticate them due to their ability to hunt rodents. Various cat registries recognize about 60 cat breeds and counting.

Who Domesticated The First Cat?


Approximately 4300 years ago, the ancestors of today’s domestic cats spread from Southwest Asia into Europe. About 7,800 years ago, cats likely began hanging around farming areas in the Fertile Crescent, where they formed a mutually beneficial association as humans’ rodent protection.

We have no specific word when we say cats, dogs, or any other pet in a group. Or that’s what we thought.

First of all, it’s not common to see a group of cats together. We have observed dog and bird groups, as well as other types of animals, including elephants. But not many groups of cats.

This animal does not enjoy socializing a lot because it is always sleeping. When they need attention, you will notice.

It’s important to mention that we should all know the type of cats if we are going to identify what to call groups of cats. It’s appropriate to distinguish a group of domesticated cats from a group of wild cats for the sake of clarity.

What Is A Group Of Domestic Cats Named?

There’s an exact name for a group of cats, and it’s arguably particular to domesticated cats. Whenever we see more than two domestic cats together, we call them Clowders. Two cats, however, are considered a pair if only two are present. That’s only the beginning since a group of cats can also be described as clutter and glaring. Furthermore, two other unconventional terms refer to wild or feral cats, pounce and destruction. In a much more adorable vein, you can call a group of kittens a kindle.

There is no hesitation that cats are one of the most lovable animals, pets, and friends we could find in the animal kingdom. If we research on the internet, we could see a lot of crazy theories about cats. One of them is that cats have seven lives, meaning that if your cat falls off the roof, they will be alive because they have seven lives and will just be using one and will have the remaining six lives. Another being that it doesn’t matter if you throw a cat or fall from a high place. They will always land on their feet. We can conclude that gravity doesn’t work for them; it is not a rule applicable to cats.

So we have different types of words to describe a group of cats; depending on the age of the cats, we can name it differently. The same we do with humans. We can call humans teenagers or babies.

So depending on if we see the cats are babies, we call them a kindle. The name “Kindle” comes from the English word “kindelen,” which is similar to giving birth to a baby cat.

When we say the word Clowder, we are referring to grown cats. In history, the phrase Clowder became very popular around 300 years ago. At the root of this, we can say some Latin Americans influenced with a combination of some Asian influence.


What Is An Individual Cat Called?

The names of individual cats can also be quite specific and obscure, and they are just as strange as those plural nouns. You may have heard of a “tom” before, but a neutered male cat is called a “gib.” Likewise, a female cat is called a “molly,” whether that’s what you’ve named her or not.

Etymology Of Cat

Cat’s etymology traces back quite a while, as its lineage goes back a pretty long way back. Cats have actually been a source of companionship for mankind for millennia, so this comes as no surprise. There is evidence to suggest that the Latin word came from the Afro-Asian word kaddîska, which means “wild cat.” Given that the first cat to be domesticated was once wild, this makes sense.

Examples Of How To Use Clowder

Let’s give you some samples where you can use the word Clowder or even the word Kendall.

  • I’m watching a clowder of cats having fun in your backyard.
  • I saw a clowder of cats yesterday on the roof. Oh, it seems like they were having a lot of fun.
  • I saw a clowder of cats having fun in your room while we were in the kitchen.
  • Did you see the group of Clowders making some noise yesterday at my mom’s place?
  • Do you know what Clowder is? It’s a group of cats when it exceeds a pair.
  • Today I found out that the proper way of referring to a group of cats is ‘clowder.’.There are also two other correct ways to refer to a group of cats. Other than just saying “group of cats” or “cats.” Those other two terms are ‘clutter’ and ‘glaring.’



To conclude, we would like to point out the benefits of owning a cat.

  • Several studies have shown that cats can help you relax your nervous system
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Improved health.
  • People who own cats are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • The risk of allergic reactions can be reduced.

In this article, we went over how to call a group of cats, the etymology of the word, as well as a brief history of them. Whenever we need to refer to a group of cats, we won’t hesitate to use the correct term, Clowder.


  • In terms of evolution, the first year of a cat’s life is the same as the first 180 months of human life.
  • The reach of the average cat is at least five times greater than that of a human adult.
  • In the largest cat class, the average male scales approximately 18-20 pounds.
  • Cats cannot see directly below their nose.
  • The majority of cats don’t have eyelashes, something that is still under investigation by scientists.
  • Cats may have five toes on each front paw but only four on the rear ones. It’s not unlikely, though, for cats to have extra toes.