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What Human Food Can Cats Eat? What Is Safe And What Is Not?

What Human Food Can Cats Eat? What Is Safe And What Is Not?

Are you new to keeping a cat as a pet? You’re not sure what your cat can eat or what foods are good or bad for your cat’s diet? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in these questions. Many long-time cat owners don’t know the full extent of the effect of human foods on cat health. But, the idea is not to go to the extreme of limiting most foods. Instead, the key is to research which ones are most beneficial and which ones can harm our pets.

The main human foods that are healthy and safe for our carts are beef, chicken, tuna, apples, carrots, broccoli, potatoes. However, these foods require special preparations to be suitable for cats. We definitely cannot give to cats: chocolate, alcohol, coffee, grapes, avocados, among others.

A cat’s health depends to a great extent on having a healthy and balanced diet. We must keep in mind that even human foods suitable for cat consumption must have special preparation. If we give cats these foods the right way, they will be very beneficial for their health. Because of this, we have elaborated a quick guide for you to know what your faithful pet can and cannot eat.

The List Of Foods That Cats Can Eat

There is a wide variety of foods that cats love but may be bad for their health. In contrast, there are other foods that they do not like but are suitable for their health. The combinations can be almost infinite; because of this, we must prepare ourselves very well at the moment of feeding our pets. Ignorance of what is good or bad for our cats can be a mistake that seriously risks their health.

Meat And Fish

When the question arises, “What does my cat like to eat?” The immediate answer is meat and fish. Cats are 100% carnivores and hunters by nature, and for this reason, meat and fish are their favorite food above all others. However, we have to take some precautions before giving them these foods.

We should not give them meat or fish in poor condition. We must make sure that these foods do not have preservatives, sweeteners, salt, or spices.

And Within The Group Of Meats And Fishes, Which Are The Best For Cats?

The most popular meats are poultry, such as chicken and turkey. They are very lean meats that have less fat. Then there are red meats such as net meat, which have high iron content.

Concerning fish, the best are cod, salmon, and mackerel. They are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, among other components. Omega 3 is very beneficial for the health of cats because they provide nutrients to the bones, joints, skin, coat, vision, heart, and brain.

Suitable for Cats: Meat and Fish
Beef Salmon Chicken Pork
Codfish Shrimp Tuna Turkey

Fruits, Vegetables, And Greens


Foods from this group are a significant source of vitamins and minerals. They have countless benefits for cats’ bodies. In addition to these nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and greens contain protein for cats’ muscles, fiber for good digestion, and sugars for energy.

This food may not be a cat’s favorite food, nor are they foods they should eat in large quantities. But what is a fact is that it should be part of their regular diet. But be careful because not all fruits, vegetables, and greens are suitable for cats.

Suitable for Cats: Fruit, Vegetables, and Greens
Apple Banana Blackberry Celery
Blueberry Broccoli Carrot Pumpkin
Mango Peas Spinach Watermelon
Strawberry Sweet Potatoes Pineapple Corn Cob

The List Of Foods Cats Can’t Eat

Humans and cats metabolize food differently. The result of this fact is that there may be poisonous foods to cats that people can safely eat. It is vital to avoid foods in this category, especially if we are unsure of their effect on our cats.

The danger of these foods for cats is that they have toxic components that the cat will not digest properly.

Within this group of foods, the first one that comes to your mind is chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate is entirely toxic for cats. All types of chocolate, dark, milk, or white, including cooking chocolate, are hazardous for our pets.

Another example of this type of food is coffee or caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that cats cannot tolerate in the same way that people can.

You will know that your cat has eaten some of these foods, watching the symptoms it will exhibit. The cat will have vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, difficulty breathing, and will be dehydrated. There are even more severe cases where the cat has presented renal failure. For this reason, you must learn all the forbidden foods for your cat.

Unhealthy for Cats
Chocolate Alcohol Coffee Grapes
Avocado Onions Raw Fish Garlic
Nutmeg Cow´s Milk Citrus Fruits Bread Dough


What Homemade Food Can Cats Eat?

More and more people feed their cats with homemade food. It occurs mainly when the cat is suffering from a chronic disease. In these cases, people look for homemade cat food recipes for cats with special conditions.

Although there are also experts who recommend this type of food for healthy cats, this theory explains that we can take better care of the quality of food in this scenario. It is also another way to ensure that the cat eats a perfectly balanced diet. This type of feeding is often well accepted; it all depends on the food we choose and the disposition of our cat. But what are these homemade diets?

  • Raw diet or BARF. BARF diet or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” means raw food that is biologically appropriate for the cat’s organism. In this type of diet, we give the raw cat food, either chopped or ground. It is crucial to freeze the food before giving it to the cat; this avoids possible parasites.
  • Cooked or semi-cooked homemade diets. To prevent our cat from contracting viruses or parasites, experts point out that there is another option. In this type of diet, we can cook the meat or mark it lightly. We can also cut the food into small cubes or grind it to help our cat consume it. However, we must remember something; we cannot season the meat or food in this type of diet.

And If I Run Out Of Cat Food, What Can I Give To My Cat?

If we run out of the ideal food for our cat, it is a possibility that could always happen. But for these cases, we give you the following tips.

  • Try always to give it a natural mixed diet. In this diet, you can combine dry food and wet food suitable for cats. This way, there is a better chance of always having products for your cat in the house. Since it is a complete and varied diet, we can certainly have something that will undoubtedly be appropriate for our pets. This foresight will make it practically impossible to run out of food for our cats.
  • Before giving our cat homemade or human food, it is better to ask for the help of an acquaintance or friend who has a cat. We can always find someone to lend us cat food while we replenish the pantry.
  • We should never substitute snacks for our cat’s food.
  • In the worst-case scenario of not having cat food, we can give him human food. But only after we have reviewed together with the veterinarian the list of food suitable for our pet.


A Final Thought About Cats And The Foods They Can Eat

It is more important than you can imagine controlling what our cats eat daily. We must know precisely which foods are good for them and which we should avoid. Many people believe that the solution is to eliminate the consumption of human foods from the cats’ diet. However, suppose we prepare and manage our pets’ diets conscientiously. In that case, they will receive many benefits for the good of their feline health.