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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? Should You Be Concerned?

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? Should You Be Concerned?

Cats, like humans, get stressed and experience certain levels of fear intensity. Although some cats recover faster from any situation that causes them stress, there are many others that are difficult for them. There are many reasons why cats might feel stressed and anxious.

And many times due to the same situations that humans could provoke the same feelings. An example of this could be that someone scaring us with a prank or showing us things that cause us to fear.

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because it reminds them of a predator. The elongated shape and the green color of the fruit make them think that it is a snake, which might attack and eat them. The flight instinct activates in the presence of a threat and is nothing to be concerned about.

In social media, we can find a lot of videos where the strange and apparent fear of cats towards cucumbers is evident. In the videos, although their reaction may seem funny, the cats jump and flee as if something were going to attack them. This can give an understanding of something that for humans can seem like an inanimate object and at the same time, an element that can be part of a delicious salad could mean a synonym of danger for felines.

cat next to cucumber bowl

Are Big Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Cats are animals that are always on the alert and quick to get out of dangerous situations. So no matter the breed or size of the cat, the reaction will remain the same. It can be evidenced in the hundreds of videos that we find on the internet on websites such as YouTube. Although some felines are more curious than others when they are surprised by said fruit, and they even see it as a toy after you verify that it is not dangerous or will cause them harm. In the videos, it can also be noticed that the cucumbers are deliberately placed behind the cats so that when they turn and look at them, it causes them a great fright.

What Other Vegetables Or Fruit Are Cats Afraid Of?

Felines can feel threatened by anything that is strange or new to them. According to Dr. Roger Mugford (Animal behavior specialist), “cats may be frightened by anything that appears unexpectedly behind them”. This means that any other fruit or vegetable could cause a great fright to these beautiful animals.

A fruit that has also been used to prank cats is the banana. In the case of this fruit, it is thought that their rejection or fear of it is not only because of its shape but also because it emits an odor that some articles claim comes from the banana´s outer skin. Supposedly, this smell comes from a “chemical (ethyl acetate) that could be toxic to these animals”.

Other Things Cats Are Afraid Of

Cats are animals that can be easily scared away. And there are many things that could scare them and surely you would not have imagined them. There is a list of other things cats fear and why:

Loud Noises

Feline senses are quite developed. One of those senses is hearing. Cats tend to be solitary animals, so this sense is very necessary to stay alert and avoid any dangerous situation. However, house cats have other problems with some appliances that can make sounds that could scare them such as vacuum cleaners, speakers, blenders, and anything else which can create a loud unexpected noise. For this reason, we must be careful when we use one of these near them, so as not to scare them away.


Water could be considered the enemy of many cats. They go crazy just by feeling a few drops fall on their bodies. This reaction to water may be related to their ancestors. That is why it is really strange to see one swimming for pleasure. Although cats can be very clean animals, there are times when it is necessary to shower them. But to be able to bathe them and not die in the attempt, you have to introduce them to the water slowly so that they do not feel uncomfortable with the contact of the liquid.

There are some breeds of cats that enjoy a little water without panic: Siamese, Maine Coon, and Bengal cats.


For humans, balloons are fun and colorful objects. But to cats, they can seem like a dangerous animal that could attack them. By seeing the balloons moving freely in the air, for a cat, it could look like a living creature that could be a threat to them.

scared cat hiding

Feeling Restrained

As already mentioned, cats are solitary and independent animals. And although they like the affection and company of humans, there are times when they just want to be alone and do not like to be caressed. Trying to force them to be pampered when they just want to be left alone could drive them away from you. So when they need attention and love, they will come to you.

Strong Odors

It is well known that dogs have a great sense of smell and it is much more developed than other animals, including felines. However, cats’ sense of smell is quite acute. They pay attention to the odors in their environment and are sensitive to certain pheromones found in it. According to some research, some aromas such as that provided by catnip, cats will love.

There are certain odors that cats find unpleasant and can cause disgust. These include citrus fruits, certain alcoholic beverages, vinegar, and others. However, some cats may be curious about the smell of lemons, and they may even lick them.

Can This Affect Cats In Any Way?

Although some people find it fun to scare cats to see them jump in the air and run for their lives, it is actually an act of cruelty. It can cause long-term damage to their psyche. And if you are used to playing this prank on your cat, you could cause them to lose trust in you and even move away from you. The damage that this little joke could cause is not only mental, they could also hurt themselves while trying to flee from danger, and they could collide with an object.

Another thing to keep in mind is that for cats, their feeding area represents a safe place. Where they can be calm and lower their guard, in order to enjoy the food provided by their owner. So if you scare them when they are in their safe place, You could cause them to be traumatized, and also causing them to not want to eat or be there again. Likewise, your cat might become aggressive.

How Can I Help My Cat Cope With These Fears?

As we already know, many things could scare cats, so it is important to know how to help them, also prevent this from happening. It is important to identify when they are nervous or scared about something. For that reason, we have to determine some signs of fear such as:

  • Wide eyes or big pupils
  • Running away
  • Hissing or scratching
  • Peeing outside their litter box
  • Freezing in place
  • Arching their back in a threatening way

Once you determine many of these behaviors are present around a certain object or situation then try some of these recommendations to help your furry friend.

Try to introduce things slowly

New things could scare your cat, as explained above. When they come across a new object in their habitat, it is normal for them to feel threatened. For this reason, before thinking about making any changes in your home, make sure they are not too drastic and sudden. Cats are curious animals, so you should give them time to explore and sniff new objects, so they know that they are not in any danger and nothing is going to happen to them.

cat staring at cucumber

Give them space

It is essential for the many cats to have their space where they can hide when they feel fear or where they can play freely. So please don’t disturb them or try to make them come out when they hide under furniture, curtains, or any other place where they feel safe and comfortable. You should never force them to come to you and respect their decision to hide.

Close the curtains or windows and play music or the TV

As we already know, cats have a developed sense of hearing, we must take care of them from outside sounds that can cause them stress and fear such as thunder sounds and fireworks. When you notice that your cat is restless by some sound outside, you can try to calm down by playing music on the television and closing the curtains. This can help them relax and can also distract their attention from noises that cannot be controlled.

Stick to a routine

Routine can mean peace for cats, and the reason for this is that they can predict what is going to happen next. When your cat hears the sound of their food can in the morning or when you open the door to let them out for a while, those are things that give them peace of mind and prevents them from becoming stressed.


Do not try in any way to scare your cat because this could cause permanent mental problems. This could also cause them to no longer trust you and not want to be around you.

Protect them and take care of them from everything that causes stress and anxiety, because they are very sensitive animals and they need us to feel safe. Remember, that you should never force them to do anything they don’t want to, and you should treat them with respect and love because as your pet, they deserve it.

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