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Why Are Cats So Cute? The Psychological Reasoning Behind It

Why Are Cats So Cute? The Psychological Reasoning Behind It

Cats are the most popular pets after dogs. These little pets are appealing and charming to our eyes. We have a powerful weakness for them, and this feeling has an explanation.

Cats are vulnerable, squishy, and, sometimes, easy to love. All these traits are a sign of evolutionary adjustment to survive. Our pets act cute so that we can treat them right and please them. But, at the same time, cats have body features that make us feel they are adorable or cute.

Why Are Cats So Cute?


As we know, beauty and cuteness are different for everyone. But, there are many facial characteristics that a lot of people find appealing and cute. These traits are big and front-facing eyes, a large head in contrast to the body, round ears, a round and smooth body, and unsteady moves. However, scientists believe that these traits produce a sense of weakness in pets, in this case, cats.

The origin of this theory comes from babies. Infants also share these characteristics that cats have. Kids and cats share more features like clumsiness, playful behavior, peculiarity, and warmth. Experts say that all these characteristics (physical and psychological) release neurological reactions in our brains and tell us that we need to protect and nourish our pets. That also makes us think cats are cute.

Why Do We Think Cats Are Cute Even If They Do Not Have The Standard Adorable Body Features?

It depends on the way they act too. When your pet does something cute, we also feel the need to protect and take care of them. Another reason is the conditioning we have towards cats; this animal has been a domestic pet for 12,000 years. So humans have the instinct of perceiving a cat as adorable or as a potential pet. We keep evolving, like cats; that is why some humans own cats that are not considered the cutest.

Other traits that make us feel that cats are adorable and lovely pets

  1. Cats are independent, and they are different from dogs: Cats like taking baths by themselves. You cannot force cats to show affection or to trust you. They will do it eventually, or if they want to do it. This mysterious way of acting creates interest for cats in humans, and we try everything to give them what they want. But that makes cats easier to train and more accessible to take care of.
  2. They are unique: Cats act differently compared to other pets, and they have extraordinary personalities. Cats are intelligent, charming, and curious. These pets also do not beg or try to catch your attention; they have favorite people, dislikes, and likes.

Do Cats Know That They Are Cute?


Some people think that cats are cute by nature, and they are not aware of their cuteness. But, studies say that cats know how to manipulate their owners. When your cat wants something, they start acting adorable and doing things so that you give them what they want. If your cat wants more food or wants to eat early, the manipulation begins.

Another misbelief that many people have is that pets understand that giving food to them means love or affection. Yet, this is not true. Cats do not think this way; they believe that you provide them with food and shelter because that is your responsibility. If you think of it, it is logical and reasonable. An excellent example of this is that if you feed a baby but do not show affection, that does not mean that you are offering love or closeness. The same applies to cats.

What Can A Cat Do To Manipulate You?


One of the main things cats do is apply different meows to teach and communicate their needs to humans. Of course, it all depends on what they want or require.

  1. Short meows show that they are surprised.
  2. Loud, constant, and uninterrupted meows mean to leave them alone and stop bothering them.
  3. Quiet meows are more affectionate, and they want something from you.

Cats learned this because acting this way gets them what they want most of the time. And cats also copy the cries of babies because they know it activates our parental intuition.

Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle?

  1. They like embracing things because it brings them warmth and coziness. They also like dark and small places because it brings them comfort.
  2. They do it because they demand the feeling of protection and security.
  3. They are trying to create a relationship or closeness. Even though many myths about cats say they are not affectionate, they can look for their owner’s company and attention.

What Are The Cutest Cat Breeds People Like To Have As Pets?

Many cat owners selected the following list, but it comes from opinions and does not have a defined order.

  1. Munchkin: Their gnome appearance makes them adorable. This type of cat is petite to medium size; they weigh from 5 to 9 pounds and have short legs. Munchkins are an outgoing, energetic, and playful breed (mainly with children). They are known for their cute and friendly personality and the way they like to play.
  2. Scottish Fold: This breed is quiet, peaceful, and silent. At the same time, these cats are curious and warm.
  3. Ragdoll: This breed is uncomplicated, and it is easy to train them (they adore new tricks). Ragdolls are friendly with dogs, so having both at home is not an issue.
  4. Siamese: A lot of cat owners have this breed. Siamese has a thin body, long neck, and well-defined muzzles. This breed is faithful, brave, and a social pet for a great owner.
  5. Turkish Angora: The Turkish Angora is a vigilant breed, fancy and active. This breed has a silky soft tail, good body, and angled eyes. These cats are also adorable and kind, but they can get mad or sad if you change their surroundings.
  6. Siberian: This breed is stylish; they come from a specific place in Siberia full of forests. Siberians arrived in the United States of America around 1990. These cats are medium to large, and they have a range from 13 to 26 pounds. These pets are also very faithful and caring; they love interacting with humans.
  7. Russian blue: The most appealing trait of these cats is their eyes; they have green eyes. Russian blue is shy when they are around strangers, but they are sweet and caring with their owners. This breed is brilliant too.
  8. Pixie Bob: Pixie bobs are a large breed compared to other cats. This breed has smooth but abundant skin. These cats adore getting their hair brushed.
  9. Ragamuffin: Ragamuffin are a family of Ragdolls. These cats are fluff balls, they are very long, and they obey humans. Ragamuffins are fun, pacific, and quiet. These cats are the perfect pets for families with small kids.
  10. British longhair: This breed is adorable and charming. The skin of these cats is smooth and long.

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Almost everything has an explanation, and this topic is not the exception. Cats have several reasons and characteristics that make us feel attracted to them. These traits have auditory, emotional, and sight influences on us. Our instinct is to take care of them and protect them at all costs. That is why we think they are adorable and cute.