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Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom? Should You Worry?

Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom? Should You Worry?

Our cats sure love us. They show it in many different ways like purring, soft biting and licking, slow blinking, cute massages, and being near us. Still, other “weird” behaviors show how much they care for us.

There is no concrete evidence, but many ideas try to explain why cats follow us into the bathroom. Curiosity, seeking attention, love for the cold environment, or feeling safe with us are some of them. So there is no need to be worried.

It can seem funny and cute, but some of us get curious about behaviors like these. At first glance, it is difficult to be concerned about that because it looks so adorable, but it is always good to know more about why our pets act in specific ways.

Why They Do It

If we lock ourselves in the bathroom, our cat will likely want to join us in there. They will try to get in, scratch the door, and some might vocalize in demand. It is hard to explain to someone who is not a cat owner, but it steals a laugh or a smile out of us most of the time. It depends a lot on how much privacy we need and how fast we need it.

In my personal experience, I had a female cat stay with me in the bathroom, get inside my pants, lay down on top of my clothes, and stand in front of me just staring at me. Also, she has gone and done “her business” as well.

Scientists don’t have a solid explanation for this yet but let’s go into details about some of the most popular theories about why our cats follow us to the bathroom:


Water Is Fascinating To Cats

Don’t get me wrong, some cats hate water if a bath is coming their way. But they love playing with water, splashing their paws in the tub, or playing with a running faucet.

The Tubs And Sinks Make The Best Cat Beds In The House

The bathroom was not designed by cats, it is an obvious fact, but a lot of the stuff in there is very comfortable for them. For example, the sink is a great indoor balcony with a perfect curl shape for a cat to lay down. The tub is also great. It is deep, cold, safe, and private.

A Bathroom Is An Area Of Routines


Having routines helps us get more efficient and less stressed. But, of course, our pets have routines too. We use the bathroom in the same way almost every day. We get out of bed, hit the bathroom, and do the same things in the exact order.

That order has a reason and makes sense in our heads. But, of course, we include our pets in that routine. For example, I get out of bed, go to the bathroom, and after finishing doing all I need to do, I feed my cat. If I forget to do it and have breakfast, I will undoubtedly be “meowed” for food, even if there are still leftovers on the plate.

A Bathroom Is A Place Of Amazing Smells

We might think otherwise, but we are not cats. Everything in there smells like us. Think about it, our towels, the robe, and the toilet. Yes, the toilet smells like our bodies.

Animals get a lot of information from smelling us. So, let’s remember that the scents are more important for them than for us. Therefore, being in a place where it smells totally like someone you love must be heaven, or in this case, cat paradise.

The Bathroom Has Us In It

We are in the bathroom when they get inside. It is certainly us that they are looking for. And when sitting in the toilet, we are still and not going anywhere for a while. It is a perfect time to cuddle in between our legs and get all of our attention without going away to do something.

The Best Toys Are In The Bathroom


Things like toilet paper are great playing tools for cats. They like to play with it, unraveling it, unwinding the whole roll, or destroy it. So it is better to put it out of their reach if we don’t want to find “toilet paper abstract art” in our bathroom.

Other cats like to lay down on the mat. It is comfortable for them and probably very fresh too.

Curiosity Hits When A Closed-door Is Insight

But not any regular closed door, a closed one behind us, restraining access to everything in our backs.

With time, cats will learn our routines to know what happens if we go and close that door: a long time inside without them.

Why Does My Cat Sit In The Shower After I Shower?

In general, cats love the bathroom, but there is a combination of factors in this particular situation. For example, the whole bathroom is a fresh area because, in there, we deal a lot with water. So, the cool temperature is a factor.

The place is filled with our body scent, which is a positive thing. Smelling recalls information, so the odor of a loving cat-parent is excellent for them.

Another possible factor is comfort. For example, suppose we combine a loving smell, cool temperature, and a comfortable place to just chill. In that case, we understand why cats go after us in the shower.

If we use a bathtub, then it is more likely that they will get in. Just imagine that deep, private place with all the other elements that I mentioned. It is a perfect spot to rest for a while or even take a nap.

After reading all this, we might think that cats would want us to behave in the same way as them when they go to the litter box. But surprisingly, no. They want privacy. Yes, they don’t give us privacy, but they want it for themselves. How convenient, right? Isn’t respect supposed to be a two-way street? Apparently, we didn’t read the fine print in the invisible contract we made with our cats when they let us live with them. From their point of view, everybody needs privacy, except us.

Cats need privacy when going to the litter box for different reasons than us. We need it because we were taught that way. Most of us even hate public bathrooms. And we only use them if we have an emergency that cannot wait for us to get home.

Unlike us, cats don’t feel shame for that. Their privacy concept is related to safety. They know that they are prey because of their size. So, when they are in the litter box, they feel vulnerable. So, they go to private spots to not worry about safety. The best place for a litter box has to be easy for the cat to go in or out if a quick escape is needed. It should be private enough that the cat can relax while finishing the “pending interests.”


All of these are possible reasons why cats follow us into the bathroom. But in the end, only they know the exact cause. However, we have covered pretty solid ideas that explain that behavior. One thing is certain: we have nothing to worry about. Some of us find it cute. It always takes a smile out of me. Even though sometimes we interact in one way or another for the entire day, I think of it as just wanting to spend time together.

Next time you go to the bathroom, think about how pleasant it is for your cat to be with you in there and enjoy that moment together.

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