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Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? What Does It Mean When They Do?

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? What Does It Mean When They Do?

Most people regard cats as cold and unfriendly animals compared to dogs due to their quiet and calm nature. However, that is not the case; cats have their way of showing love and affection to the humans around them. One of the ways a cat shows its love is by making biscuits; this phrase might seem strange, but we will explain further.

Cats make biscuits to express happiness and comfort, mark their scent on objects, show affection, stretch their muscles, and express their desire to mate. When a cat makes biscuits, especially on a human, it means the cat is showing you it loves you and returns your affection. 

Cats are very gentle animals, but they usually make biscuits to express their love. Making biscuits is one of the ways cats display affection; however, this process is usually painful if done on a human.

cat making biscuits

What Does It Mean When My Cat Makes Biscuits?

If you own cats, you will notice they have this adorable habit of using their paws to massage something usually soft rhythmically and repeatedly. Most times, while doing this, they are usually rolling their eyes to the back of their head and purring like it is the best feeling ever. This habit is referred to as making biscuits.

The phrase ‘making biscuits’ refers to the process of kneading in cats. It is referred to as making biscuits because it looks like the way humans make dough. When you say a cat is making biscuits, it means it is pushing its front paws up and down and alternating between right and left on a surface.

Some cats retract their claws when kneading while others do not. There are several meanings to why a cat makes biscuits; the most common meaning is to express affection. Cats are lovable animals, and unlike dogs, they do not express their affection in a lousy manner because they are very calm.

When your cat is curled up on your lap, and you are massaging its fur and petting it, it will start to make biscuits on your laps. The cat does this to tell you it appreciates the love you are offering and is returning it to you by kneading you. However, when your cat is making biscuits with its claws, it can be very painful.

The happier a cat is, the harder it kneads; so, it will be very painful when doing this with its claws. To avoid feeling such pain, you should trim your cat’s nails and always put a thick but soft barrier like a blanket on your laps before putting your cat on it. Never punish your cat for making biscuits with its paws because it does not understand it is hurting you.

When a cat makes biscuits, it also means it is stretching its muscles. Cats nap a lot; so, when they wake up, their muscles are always stiff, so naturally, they make biscuits to loosen up the muscles in their paws. Cats are also natural yoga masters, so there is no better way to exercise than to make biscuits.

Sometimes a cat also makes biscuits to inform other male cats that they have entered a stage called estrus. Estrus refers to a reproductive stage in cats in which they are receptive to mating. So, when a cat is making biscuits in front of another cat, it might be a form of communication about their desire to mate. This process is related to female cats.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits On Soft Blankets?

When a cat is not making biscuits on your lap, it is usually on other surfaces, especially soft blankets. A cat often makes biscuits on its owner’s lap, but when there is no human available, they result in other surfaces like blankets. There are two main reasons why cats make biscuits on soft blankets.

First, a cat makes biscuits on soft blankets to mark its territory. Cats are territorial animals just like dogs; people mostly spray and neuter cats, especially male cats, to prevent them from urinating as a form of marking their territory. When cats believe or decide something is theirs, they usually use several methods to mark their territory.

Cats mark their territory by rubbing their heads on things, rubbing objects with their butt and flanks, scratching objects, kneading, and licking. When cats knead their paws on a soft blanket or make biscuits on soft blankets, they activate the scent glands in their paws so that the blanket has its scent on it.

When a cat has marked its scent on a blanket, other cats will not come near such a blanket if they have perceived the scent of another cat. Hence, the cat has claimed the blanket as its. Marking their scent on a soft blanket by making biscuits is also how cats safeguard and protect that blanket from other cats.

Cats also make biscuits on soft blankets to prepare and make a bed or resting place. Just as dogs turn in circles before they lay down in an area, cats also make biscuits to prepare their bed before they lay down. When a cat makes biscuits on a soft blanket, it creates a soft place for it to lie down and take a nap.

After lying down on a soft blanket, you might also find the cat still making biscuits. However, this process makes them calm and relaxed; it also serves as a gentle way to sleep. So, the cat will continue making biscuits on the soft blanket; sometimes, it will keep purring until it falls asleep.

The process of making biscuits on soft blankets in cats is inherited from their ancestors and relatives in the wild. All cats make biscuits to mark their territory and prepare a resting place for themselves, including wild cats. This is a habit that cannot be curtailed in cats because it is part of their nature.

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Why Does My Cat Love Making Biscuits?

Although it is normal for cats to make biscuits, sometimes you might notice that your cat makes biscuits more often than it should. If you notice this, one of the things going on through your mind will be why your cat loves making biscuits. Every cat loves comfort, and sometimes making biscuits is one of the ways they find comfort.

When a cat is born, it nurses on its mother’s breast; when nursing, a kitten usually uses its paws to massage its mother’s breast until it starts releasing milk. This method is how kittens get their daily dose of breast milk. When a cat is feeding, it gets comfort from its mother.

This habit usually lasts throughout their lifetime. So, cats love to make biscuits because it reminds them of the comfort they used to feel when they were little. It also somehow reconnects them to the feeling of being a kitten. So, when a cat makes biscuits on you, it means it considers you as its mother.

Cats also love making biscuits because it helps them feel relaxed and safe. A cat will only make biscuits in areas it finds safe and comfortable. When a cat is relaxed, it is easier for it to fall asleep.

So, they mostly make biscuits on surfaces and sometimes on a human’s lap when they want to sleep. A cat will never make biscuits in an area or with someone it does not feel safe with.

Final Thoughts

Cats have several habits to express their different feelings per time, one of which is making biscuits. When you see your cat making biscuits, it is unnecessary to worry as it is an instinct and part of them. It is necessary to always trim your cat’s nails so that they do not hurt you when making biscuits on your laps.