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Why Do Dogs Hate Cats? Where Does This Behavior Come From?

Why Do Dogs Hate Cats? Where Does This Behavior Come From?

Do you know the story behind the behavior of dogs towards cats? Society claims that dogs and cats do not get along, but is this true? As you read on, you will see the real meaning behind this.

Surprisingly, dogs do not hate cats. This theory is a myth that many professionals try to debunk. People think that this theory and behavior originally comes from the instinct dogs have of being extremely friendly and their constant desire to move and play. In contrast, cats are not like this.

Why Are Cats And Dogs Enemies?

Many people think that dogs and cats are enemies because they act differently. But this should not be an indicator for anyone as to whether they will get along. Humans tend to believe that dogs and cats are hostile to each other because our minds are flooded with images of dogs chasing cats and trying to hunt or attack them. In addition, dogs like to portray superiority over other animals.

Why Do Dogs Want To Kill Cats?

Some dogs can show some concerning behaviors towards cats. Occasionally, you can see dogs attempting to attack cats. Cats can even be killed by these animals when they become aggressive. This behavior can be scary for dog owners. In some cases, these pets kill cats to show their owners that they are guarding them. But, they also do it if they want to surprise their keepers.

People forget that animals have instincts that will not disappear. Even if your dog is domesticated or has never lived on the street, they will act like that because it is in their nature.

Why Do Dogs Get Jealous Of Cats?

Dogs love getting affection and attention from their owners. So, if their owners start interacting with a cat, they might get jealous. When this happens, they see them as rivals. As a result, they feel betrayed and abandoned.

Can Dogs And Cats Get Along Or Interact?


Dogs and cats are represented as opponents, but they can get along if you teach them how to do so. It is no surprise that these two pets can bicker from time to time, but that does not mean they are always fighting. If they are not forced to be friends or to get along, they can become good buddies. Some people recommend raising them together since they are young because it makes them get along by default.

What Breed Of Dog Hates Cats The Most?

Remember, not all dogs act the same way. These are examples, and they do not apply to every dog:

  • Siberian Huskies: These dogs are hyper, brilliant, clever, and they adore playing. Huskies love chasing their owners and other animals. This means that they can run after cats. Training a husky for the first time can be a challenge if your dog has never interacted with other pets (especially cats), but it can happen.
  • Weimaraner: These dogs are strong, active, and they are lovely. Weimaraners are beautiful and affectionate with their owners or family members, but they were originally hunting dogs. Their sixth sense gets activated when they see a cat. It is not impossible to teach them how to treat cats, but it can be a challenge.
  • The Afghan Hound: This breed was used for hunting snow leopards, rabbits, and wolves. Although they do not do these things anymore, they can feel that instinct of chasing cats too.
  • Miniature Schnauzer: They know how to be a great company. Schnauzers are bright, clever, and active. They act like huskies; chasing cats is a fun activity for this small breed, but cats do not like this chase.
  • Manchester terriers: These terriers hunt and stalk rats and other animals. Yes, they can be adorable, but they are not best friends with cats.
  • Greyhound: Greyhounds are known for their hunting background. They can effortlessly chase a cat, making them incompatible with cats.
  • Schipperke: Many people say that these dogs are one of the most adorable but active breeds (like huskies and schnauzers). They often bark or chase cats.
  • Jack Russell Terrier: These terriers often run after cats. Although this breed is small, they still feel dominant in front of feline pets.
  • Beagle: They are small, but their owners teach them how to hunt and chase. So it would be a good idea to keep these dogs far away from cats.
  • Australian Cattle: Australian Cattles are cute and trustworthy pets, but they do not get along with cats because of their instincts.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


  • Irish Setters: This breed is adorable with kids. Irish setters and cats get along very well.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: These dogs adore interacting with cats. Unlike other breeds, these dogs love the company of cats and even try to cuddle with them. Of course, cavaliers try to lick cats too.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs: Berneses get along with cats because they are calm and serene. They might get the desire to chase a cat, but they probably will not do it.
  • Newfoundlands: They reject and overlook cats, and that is why they get along with them. Newfoundlands are good friends and pets.
  • Pekingese: This unique breed likes being indoors, and they get along well with cats.
  • Cocker Spaniels: They get along with cats because they are nice and lovely with most creatures.
  • Pomeranians: These dogs do not realize how small they are and they do not feel intimidated by other breeds. They get along with cats because they are friendly and protective.
  • Boxers: Boxers are good with kids and cats. This breed can chase a cat, but they do not try to intimidate them; they do it in a fun way, trying to play.
  • Golden retrievers: These dogs are one of the best breeds with cats. They are fun and friendly.
  • Pugs: Pugs are friendly with humans and cats. Most of the time, pugs are happy, and they try to play with their owners or other pets that live with them.

What To Do So Your Dog Gets Along With Your Cat?

Dog owners can do many things if they want to train their pets to get along. In the following list, you will find advice and ideas on how to teach your dog how to interact with cats:

  • Patience: The best advice if you want to teach your dog how to treat cats nicely is patience.
  • Give rewards or prizes to your dog when they show positive behavior around cats: If you give rewards to your dog, they get excited.
  • Do not isolate your dog too much: If your dog has never been around other cats, you need to make them feel comfortable when they are close to other animals.
  • Understand that they need time and space: Remember, you are training your pet. Training takes time, and it is not magic.
  • You might want to interact with them, but let them be together without interrupting: If they start fighting, you need to stop them. However, if your dog and cat are acting normal, do not force them to cuddle or act like best friends.
  • If you can raise them together, do it: If they have been together since birth, they will probably get along.



To conclude, dogs and cats are not enemies, and they do not hate each other. Instead, they can even be friends. Please, remember that if your dog does not like cats at all, you can train them but never try to force them.

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