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Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave? And Tips to Help Stop It

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave? And Tips to Help Stop It

Coming home to your neighbors complaining about how much disturbance your dogs’ barking caused while away could be worrisome. You even become more bothered since it never displays this attitude while you are around. This blog post will explain why your dog barks whenever you leave the house.

Your dog will bark when you leave because it is experiencing isolation, distress or separation anxiety, fear, boredom, hunger, nervousness, it wants your attention, it wants to pee, and you have encouraged the behavior. To stop this behavior, ensure the dog is calm before you leave.

It can be really sad to see your dog barking when you leave, especially if it will be left alone for a long time. As long as you know why this happens, you can find a way to stop it.

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Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave The House?

Dogs cannot communicate the way we humans do; instead, they use different vocalizations and sounds, such as barking. When your dog barks, it is trying to pass a message across, and of course, it is normal for all dogs to bark. As a dog owner, you must know the significance of your dog’s barks.

The moment you begin to notice your dog barking when you are set to leave the house, you may initially feel it is a way of your dog saying “goodbye .”While that could be a reason, if the barking continues and gets excessive when you are away, it could indicate other issues. We will explain some of the reasons your dog barks when you leave.

Your Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a major reason your dog barks whenever you leave. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety do not usually want to be left alone for too long. Separation anxiety is more common in dog breeds like German Shepard, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, and Toy Poodle.

The moment their owner leaves, they become very anxious and in distress. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are usually seen barking, howling, and screaming excessively whenever their owners are away. Other symptoms may include trembling, inappropriate urination, and other destructive behaviors.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you could help it by getting a dog sitter whenever you are leaving the house. Also, you could make use of techniques such as staged leaving and trial separations. If your dog has been used to too much company and attention, it will likely develop separation anxiety when you are not around.

Your Dog Is Bored

Dogs are pack animals, and they often consider their owner as a member and leader of the pack. They tend to develop a close bond with their owners, who are usually their play partners. If your dog has not had its daily dose of exercise or fun and you are leaving, it will bark continuously to tell you that it is bored and does not want to be left alone.

You can engage the dog in some exercises or something fun before you set to leave. That way, the dog would have defused all energy it could channel towards barking while you are away and would likely also be asleep when you are ready to leave. It is not advised to leave the dog without completing its daily routine.

Your Dog Is Hungry

In the same way food is important to humans; it is equally vital for our dogs. If you notice your dog barks more whenever you leave without feeding it, hunger could be why it keeps barking. For such a dog, you need to always ensure it gets fed before you leave. Also, if you will stay out for a long time, make provisions for enough food and water while away. If you do not, the dog could feel hunger later in the day, then begin to bark.

An Attention Seeking Behavior

If your dog notices it often gets your attention by barking, it is likely to bark whenever it wants something. This happens more, especially if you reinforce the behavior when it barks. Dogs learn quicker through positive reinforcement, so if a dog does something and you treat it well, it will continue to do that thing.

So, if your dog notices that every time it barks when you are leaving the house, you come back to stay with it, it will always bark when you want to leave the house so you can stay at home with it. This is a trick that dogs have learned and perfected, so you need to also know how to discover to discourage the behavior through positive reinforcement.

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave The Room?

One of the most annoying things that can happen if you have a dog is for the dog to bark when you leave the room. This can be irritating, and if you are not calm, you will yell at the dog. It is important to know why your dog barks if you leave the room; you will find out that the causes are different from when it barks when you leave the house.

One of the reasons your dog will bark when you leave the room is that it is scared of abandonment. Moreover, this will happen, especially if the dog has had abandonment issues. Another reason could be that the dog is scared of something else in the room; the dog probably has something bothering it in the room, and it does not know what it is.

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How To Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone

Dog barks can be very noisy and frustrating, especially when you are not even at home to attend to them. You do not need to be harsh on the dog when you return; instead, identify the cause of the bark; we have listed some of the possible causes above. Understanding what triggers your dog to bark would help you know how to stop this behavior.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you will need to get some interactive toys and games to keep your dog busy while you are away. Also, you could decide to train the dog on how to cope while alone. A way of achieving this is by pretending as if you are leaving the house and then returning after a few seconds.

Once you come in and your dog is quiet, reward it for the calmness. Then, repeat this same method by increasing the number of seconds you stay outside. This would require lots of patience, but you could successfully train your dog on how to cope alone with time. Another way of helping your dog is by engaging it in some exercises, perhaps just a few hours before leaving.

That way, the dog would have exhausted a lot of energy and would likely be resting while you are away. However, if your dog’s separation anxiety is on an extreme level, perhaps it does not want to be left alone; you could choose to employ a dog sitter to keep it company whenever you are away or speak to a professional for more advice.

Final Thoughts

It is common for puppies to always bark when you leave the room or house, and it is difficult to stop them from getting upset. Puppies need and want to spend time with you; however, if it is an adult dog, it is either spoiled or has an issue. If it is the former, you need to limit the attention you give the dog. If it is the latter, positive reinforcement is the best way.

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