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Why Does My Dog Fart So Much? How Can I Help? [ANSWERED]

Why Does My Dog Fart So Much? How Can I Help? [ANSWERED]

Humans see various things as weird and strange; to animals, these are normal behaviors, and nothing can be done to stop them from happening. As a pet owner, you need to accept these as normal, too; otherwise, you might end up displaying the wrong attitude toward your pet. We will look at one of the weirdest things that can be done, farting.

Like humans, dogs fart for various reasons; some of the reasons are; a change in diet, poor quality food, the dog eating too fast, food intolerance or allergies, the dog eating table scraps, and gastrointestinal issues. To stop a dog from farting too much, slow down its eating, allow it to exercise.

Certain behaviors in dogs could sometimes make us uncomfortable around them. You would feel irritated and embarrassed. No matter how much you love or adore your dog, we are sure you cannot tolerate a loud and smelly fart from it.

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Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

Faring is a normal thing for both dogs and humans. It involves the release of gasses formed in the intestine or stomach, which causes an irritating smell and sound. Most times, when your dog farts, you might not even notice it.

However, the moment the sound and smell begin to make you feel uncomfortable; then there might be something going wrong with the dog. There are many reasons dogs fart; for you to know what to do when your dog farts so much, it is imperative to know the possible causes.

There Is A Sudden Change In The Dog’s Diet

Diet change is a major cause why your dog could have been farting more lately. If you recently noticed your dog farting more when you just changed its diet, then the new diet might have been causing tummy upset for it. If you are to change your dogs’ diet, ensure it is not done suddenly. Instead, introduce the new food to it gradually.

A way of helping your dog when you need to change its diet is to combine both the old and new food. However, ensure you start by adding more of the old food, then with time, you slowly increase the new food while reducing the old. The reason for doing this is to ensure your dogs’ digestive system gets used to the new old.

The Dog Eats Too Fast

You might be wondering how eating too fast could make your dog fart more. The explanation is that when a dog gulps its food very fast, it will swallow air. The air swallowed increases gas in the dog’s bowel, causing it to fart much. Dogs love to eat their food as fast as they can, and if you feed at least two dogs with the same plate, there will be competition, causing them to gobble up the food very fast in an attempt to eat more.

To avoid your dog eating too fast, you can purchase a slow-feeding bowl that makes it difficult for dogs to rush their food within a short time while eating. You can also help by dividing your dogs’ food into smaller portions and feeding them to your dog throughout the day.

The Dog Is Intolerant To Some Foods

Dogs have some allergies. Some allergies are environmental, while some are caused by food. Environmental allergy could cause dry and itchy skin for dogs. Food allergies often cause indigestion and farting. Dogs find certain food such as snacks, fillers, or low-quality ingredients difficult to digest. Understanding what your dog reacts to would help you keep it safe and healthy.

Ensure your dogs do not take too many dairy products such as milk and cheese, as they could cause digestive problems. Instead, feed your dogs with digestible ingredients. However, if you cannot detect which food or ingredient is causing your dog to fart, you can meet with a vet for more professional advice.

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The Dog Is Feeding On Table Scraps

Our digestive system is different from our dogs. As much as we feed on some food to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such food might cause some health challenges to your dog. Table scraps are not healthy for your dogs; some of them contain fats and sugar, which could cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and farting.

So, whenever you are eating and your dog comes to beg for some, ignore it. What you can do to help it is feed it its appropriate food that is good for its digestive system. When a dog feeds on table scraps in large quantities, the dog can develop various health issues.

Is It Normal For A Dog To Fart A Lot?

As mentioned above, farting is normal for both humans and dogs. When your dog releases the gas on a minimal level daily, that is fine. However, the moment the fart begins to smell very terrible, something might be wrong. So, if you notice your dog begins to fart a lot or the smell is becoming more than usual, it might be due to the dog’s diet.

If the cause is a change in diet or ingredient, you should ensure your dog feeds the right ingredients, and also, its diet should be changed gradually. However, if you cannot detect why your dog is farting a lot and notice some other things such as weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea, you need to take it to a vet for a proper checkup and treatment.

Another reason your dog could be farting a lot is gastrointestinal issues caused by intestinal parasites, pancreatitis, cancer, canine colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). At this point, there is an urgent need for medical treatment, and you should take the dog to a veterinary doctor.

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How Do I Make My Dog Less Gassy?

There are various ways to make your dog less gassy; all you need to do is stop all unhealthy dieting and consistently give the dog a healthy diet. You should not feed your dog dairy products; many dog breeds are lactose intolerant, so feeding them cream, milk, and cheese can affect them.

You should also avoid giving your dog table scraps; keep your meals away from your dog; they find it difficult to digest, and it can result in bloating and discomfort. Foods like fruits, spicy foods, soybeans, beans, high-fat foods, sugary food, and peas are healthy human foods but not dogs.

There are fart-inducing foods that you should keep away from your dog, including Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. They are healthy for dogs, but they make them gassy. One very important way to make your dog less gassy is by ensuring it gets plenty of playtime and exercise.

Another thing to do is to slow down your dog’s feeding by using a slow-feeding dish that slows down its eating or by dividing its food into smaller portions, and you spread out its feeding. Lastly, if you want to change your dog’s diet, do it slowly. Reduce the old meal slowly while you increase the new meal.

Which Ingredients In Dog Food Cause Gas?

The major cause of gas in dog food is the presence of indigestible carbohydrates; dogs lack the digestive enzymes humans have to break down complex carbohydrates in meals. Any meal that contains oligosaccharide, which is found in beans, soybeans, lentils, and chickpeas, produces a lot of gas in dogs.

Final thoughts

Knowing the possible causes of various things in your pet; makes it easy for you to understand your dog and take the right step to ensure it is back to its normal state. Dog fart is a normal thing, but it becomes a cause of worry when it is frequent and is accompanied by an awful smell.

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