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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me? Everything You Should Know

Why Does My Dog Lay On Me? Everything You Should Know

All creatures are unique in their ways; each creature has a special way of communicating with its kind and other species. Dogs are the most common household pet worldwide, and if you are a dog owner or plan to be, there are insights you need to relate with your dog well.

Some of the reasons your dog lays on you are you are warm and comfortable; the dog is protecting you, the dog wants your attention, the dog is showing you love and affection, it is experiencing separation anxiety, it is instinctive behavior, it wants comfort, it wants something from you.

Dogs often bond, communicate and express their emotions towards their owners in certain ways. Laying on you could be a way of your dog expressing its affection and being comfortable around you.

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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me?

As a dog owner, you could have noticed your dog always wanting to be around you. It just keeps lying by your side when you are on the couch while seeing a movie or even on the bed when you are about to sleep.

There are different reasons why your dog is laying on you. It could be a sign of affection or something wrong with the dog. Understanding the possible causes would help you know your dog better. Below are some possible causes why your dog lays on you.

Dog’s Instincts

This is a major reason why many dogs lay on their owners. This instinct is the same with wolves, from which dogs descended. Wolves would lay with other members of their pack for safety. This personality trait from wolves is found in dogs too. For instance, puppies have this instinct of laying around their mother for protection till they grow older.

Some dog breeds such as Dachshunds, Labrador Retrievers, and Great Dane are friendly and lovely family dogs that enjoy always laying around their owners. Dogs also lay on you to honor; it is a sign of respect and honor. They do this to initiate other dogs into their pack.

The Dog Wants Attention

Dogs often seek attention from their owners in different ways. From barking, licking, nipping, clingy, or even coming to lay beside you, these are different ways dogs get attention from their owners. If your dog is bored and needs some attention or even wants to have fun, it could come to lay on you.

When it does this, it is simply trying to get your attention. As a dog owner, you could give the dog some attention by engaging it in some play or ignoring it. If you choose to give it attention, you are encouraging this behavior. So, when next the dog wants your attention, it will likely come to lay on you again.

The Dog Wants Comfort And Safety

If your dog lays on you for comfort, it could mean two different things. Firstly, it could mean the dog itself needs comfort from some stress or noises around making it scared. Alternatively, it could mean the dog is trying to comfort its owner. For instance, a dog could feel scared due to some noises from fireworks or an explosion; by laying on you, it is comforted and feels safe.

Also, when dog owners are in any form of distress, dogs can easily notice this through the scent of hormones being released at that moment. They can also distinguish when their owners are fine or not when they talk. So, your dog could come around to lay on you or by your side, just as a way of comforting you.

The Dog Is Being Protective

This is another reason dogs lay on their owners, to protect them when they sense danger. Dogs are loyal to their owners, and with years of developing a bond with them, they see them as a part of their pack. Although, you should know that not all dogs are the same; some are more protective than others.

Their level of protection depends on the dogs’ breed and the type of training you give to them. Sometimes, when you have strangers around or outside with your dog, it could lay beside you to scare people off from coming too close. It is best advised to have a leash on your dog during such instances.

The Dog Is Affectionate

Your dog laying on you could be a way of the dog showing its affection. Sometimes, you could notice your dog coming to lay on you when you return home after a long day. It is simply showing how much it misses you. When you allow the dog to lay on you, it strengthens its bond with you.

However, if you are not cool with your dog laying with you, you can move away or gently slide the dog off. In doing this, ensure you do not do it harshly, so your dog does not feel rejected by you. Instead, you could allow it to stay for a few minutes before moving away. That way, it understands you are trying to change your position instead of rejecting it.

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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me In Bed?

Dogs are not lone animals; you can notice this from their ancestors, wolves, and their distant relatives, foxes, wild dogs, and coyotes. All these animals live in packs, and they do everything together; they hunt together, share the food amongst themselves, sleep together to keep warm, and they protect every member of the pack together.

This instinct is the reason your dog lays on you most of the time because in doing that, both of you are bonding more. The dog can also understand you better because it can sense different hormonal changes in the human body. Also, if your dog senses threats in a bid to protect you, it will lay on you while you are in bed.

There is also a subtle reason your dog lays on you in bed; it exerts its dominance. If this is the case, there may be a slight issue. You should be the boss, not the dog; o if the dog feels like the boss, you may have issues controlling it. You should visit a veterinary doctor for training procedures to subdue the dog.

Why Does My Dog Lay On Me And Not My Husband?

Dogs are intuitive animals; they can sense when a person loves them and sense fear and hatred. So, if your dog chooses to lay on you instead of your husband, it means the dog loves you more and appreciates you. This will happen when you are the one taking care of the dog.

If you are the one feeding it every time, giving it medications, playing with it, taking it for a walk, the dog will bond with you more than your husband. Your dog knows the person in the house that cares for it the most, and that is the person it will want to always be around.

Does My Dog Lay His Head On Me?

When a dog lays its head on you, it tells you that it loves you and will do everything to keep you safe. Dogs are capable of love, and they will display their love at every opportunity they have. It could also mean that the dog is experiencing separation anxiety, and it does not want you to leave it again.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are smart creatures, and you should never underestimate them; remember, all their senses are heightened, so they can sense things you will never perceive. However, you must control the dog’s behavior; you should only encourage your dog to lay on you for good reasons, so discourage it by ignoring it for irrelevant reasons.

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