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Why Does My Dog Look Sad? And How You Can Help!

Why Does My Dog Look Sad? And How You Can Help!

No pet owner would like to come home and meet their dog sad and dejected; it is almost similar to having a sick dog. You need to know that your dog can get sad and depressed for various reasons, and it is your responsibility to cheer it up. You will be surprised at some things that can make a dog sad.

There are various reasons why your dog is sad, including changes in the environment, physical and health issues, loss of a loved one, illnesses, clinical depression, grievances, breed traits, and phobias. To help a sad dog, you must give it more attention, keep it active, and stick to a routine.

You should know that dogs express their feelings like humans, except they are not as vocal and expressive. Sadness that lingers for a long time can result in depression, so you should ensure your dog is not always sad.

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Why Does My Dog Look Sad?

Just as humans are filled with different emotions, dogs have their emotions. There are times a dog could be filled with excitement and joy. However, on some other occasions, the dog could keep to itself, seeming sad, angry, and depressed. As a dog owner, you should understand that such emotions occur for certain reasons.

There are different reasons why a dog could look sad. It could be due to a change in environment, loss of a fellow dog, a loved family member, isolation, or even an indication of an underlying illness. We will be explaining the various reasons your dog could be sad below.

Environmental Changes

Relocating to a new home or environment could affect your dog and make it sad. Some dogs do not know how to handle environmental changes well. If you recently moved to a new neighborhood for various reasons, your dog would likely be sad for the first few days or weeks of moving.

Also, the weather in a new place could be why your dog is sad. The dog might not be comfortable with the weather, leading to some mood changes. For instance, a dog not used to cold temperatures might find living in a cold region challenging. Taking them to such regions could cause the dog to become less active.

Health And Physical Issues

If your dog is experiencing any form of illness, either a physical injury, chronic pain, or illness, it could lead the dog to become depressed and sad. If you notice your dog looking sad, you can examine it for any form of physical injury. A dog in pain from injuries or an illness will certainly not look happy.

However, if you cannot detect any form of physical injury, you might need to take the dog to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. It is essential to know that there are medications that can have adverse side effects on your dog, as bad as making the dog sad and depressed.

So, ensure you monitor how the dog is responding to treatment. If a drug has side effects, talk to your vet for other recommendations. It is best to only give your dog medications prescribed by its veterinarian, and if you have to give a medication not prescribed, consult the vet.

The Dog Is Grieving

When a family is grieving the loss of a member or a pet, it could cause a dog to become sad. Just as it is usually very painful losing a loved one, dogs feel the same way when they lose someone they had a close bond with.

When a dog is sad due to grief, if not properly taken care of, it could lead to depression. This happens especially if the dog has lost a fellow close dog or its favorite person. To take care of such a dog, you will need the help of a veterinarian.

The Dog Has Phobia

Another reason your dog could look sad is phobia or fear. When a dog looks sad due to a phobia, you might notice the dog hiding more. It could be doing that, so you do not sense that it looks scared and to protect itself.

To help such a dog, if you are aware of the cause of the phobia, you can make the dog feel better by eliminating the trigger of the fear. For instance, if the dog has a phobia of thunderstorms, ensure it stays inside with you whenever it is raining. That way, it would feel safe, better, and even happy whenever it is raining.

The Dog Breeds Traits

Since men began crossbreeding different dogs, different dogs with varying appearances have been in existence. Over time, the outcome of crossbreeding has led to the existence of some dogs with sad natural faces. For instance, dog breeds like the Basset Hound and French Bulldog do not have a happy and jovial look due to how they appear.

So, if you own any of these dogs, their sad look might not be due to any reason – it is just their natural appearance. Also, there are certain ways dogs sometimes appear to make them look sad. In reality, they are not sad. It could just be a way of seeking their owners’ attention or responding to their owners’ acts.

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Why Does My Dog Look Sad All The Time?

You need to know that all dogs do not have the same excitement levels; some are not as excitable as others. So, there might be nothing wrong with the dog. However, if you have a happy dog that is sad all the time, you know that something is wrong with the dog. The major reason for lingering sadness is usually an underlying health issue.

If your dog has a health issue causing it pain, it will always be sad. And nothing you do will cheer the dog up, except it is relieved of the issue. The best and safest thing to do if you notice that your dog is sad all the time is to take it to a veterinarian for a medical checkup and treatment.

Why Does My Dog Look Sad All Of A Sudden?

As a pet owner, you need to be observant to notice little changes in your dog; if you have a cheerful dog that looks sad all of a sudden, you need to take quick action to figure out the issue. Sometimes, clinical depression can be the reason your dog is sad all of a sudden. Yes, this might be surprising, but dogs can also be traumatized, and it will cause depression later.

Why Does my Dog Look Sad and Will Not Eat?

A dog looking sad may be due to some emotional changes. Perhaps, the dog just moved to a new place. As long as the sad look does not linger for long, you should not be bothered. However, when a dog looks sad and refuses to eat, it indicates something is going wrong with the dog. This is a sign of depression.

The cause of depression could be due to the dog losing a companion, a fellow dog, or a member of its family. Depression affects dogs in different ways. It could make a dog keep looking sad and refuse to eat. Refusal to eat could lead to other severe problems for the dog. If you notice your dog is depressed, ensure you take it to a vet.

Final Thoughts

If you have a sad dog, you need to try your best to make the dog happy and cheerful. The great thing about dogs is that small changes can result in huge improvements in their emotional state. So, as long as you stick to the remedy provided by the vet, you will get your dog happy again.

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