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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? [COMMON REASONS]

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? [COMMON REASONS]

Dogs are complex animals, and they tend to do many strange and weird things. One of which is sleeping under their owner’s bed instead of their bed; this can be very surprising. However, you should know that there is a reason why your dog does anything; you should find out the possible reasons.

Some of the reasons your dog sleeps under your bed are it is comfortable and secure, the dog is anxious, it has a physical injury, the dog wants to be close to you, the dog is sick, the dog is hand-shy, the dog does not want to be disturbed, and the dog might have done something bad and is hiding.

Many dog owners do not know that their dogs enjoy spending time alone; dogs also want to be alone, away from disturbance, noise, and trouble. But their owners do not know when they want it; it is important to know when your dog wants to be alone.

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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Bed?

Sleep is important for dogs; it gives their bodies time to heal and improves their health. According to research, dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours daily. That shows how important sleep is to dogs. As an owner, you can get your dog a sleeping bed to allow it to sleep well.

However, despite making provisions for a dog bed, you could still notice your dog sleeping under your bed. We will be explaining possible reasons for this behavior below.

Your Dog Feels Comfortable And Secured

This is likely the most common reason you could find your dog sleeping under the bed. Dogs love to sleep in a spot where they can easily relax and feel comfortable; perhaps underneath your bed could be that spot. It could be that underneath your bed is the only place the dog can get some alone time.

Also, your dog could feel underneath the bed is a secured place for it to hide from potential threats. So, if you notice your dog enjoys sleeping under your bed for comfort, you do not need to get worried or scared. If your dog notices that it does not get disturbed when under your bed, it will spend more time there.

Your Dog Has Anxiety

If your dog is suffering from anxiety due to loud noise or seeing strangers in the house, it could cause it to sleep under the bed. The reason for doing this is to run away from the cause of the anxiety and feel better. So, if you notice your dog going to sleep under the bed whenever there are strangers, you are sure the dog is suffering from anxiety.

For a dog like that, there are chances that it is not properly trained to meet with strangers. So, you can speak to a behaviorist or a vet on how to socialize the dog. Once the dog gets proper training, it will stop having anxiety when it sees strangers. Another reason why your dog can be anxious is harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms.

Your Dog Is Sick Or Injured

Whenever a dog is sick or injured, you might not be able to tell immediately, as they are very good at hiding pains. Sleeping under the bed could be to hide from you while enduring the pain so as not to appear weak. If you notice your dog snapping at you, lacking appetite, vomiting coupled with sudden hiding from you, perhaps underneath the bed, it is a sign of the dog being sick or injured.

Your Dog Wants To Get Closer To You

Many dogs like being around their owners most of the time; this is even more common in dogs suffering from separation anxiety. If you allow them, they would even love to share the same bed with you, to always stay with you. However, if they notice they are not welcomed on the bed, they could choose to sleep underneath your bed.

By doing this, the dog still feels closer to you. Also, in the morning, when you are awake, sleeping there helps them notice quickly, and it will follow you about. However, if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, ensure it gets the necessary care and attention; else, it could cause some display of destructive behaviors.

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Your Dog Does Not Want To Be Bothered

Although this will sound funny, your dog can be sleeping under the bed to hide from you and avoid disturbance. Sometimes, your dog might not just be in the mood for play or fun and would want to be left alone. During times like this, underneath the bed could be a perfect spot to sleep, feel better and be more relaxed.

Your Dog Has Likely Done Something Wrong

Dogs are very smart; they know when they have done something wrong. So, to avoid yelling at them and hiding in shame, you would notice them sleeping under the bed. For instance, a dog could begin to hide once it eats food not meant for it. Once you show up with a face of disappointment, the dog could begin to run to hide from you.

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Why Do Dogs Go Under The Bed?

It will be a mistake to assume your dogs are dumb and not intelligent; they are, and they do many things to prove their intelligence. When dogs are ill, they do their best to avoid everything and everyone. One of the best places they go to for this is under the bed.

Another reason your dog goes under the bed is that it is hand-shy; many dog owners do not know that this is a thing. When a dog does not want to be touched, it is said to be hand-shy. The dog gets away from all the prying hands that want to touch it by staying under the bed.

Dogs that become hand-shy were not trained to be social; they have fearful personalities, sad and traumatic pasts, are sensitive, and have experienced negative associations with hands. A dog searching for food will also go under the bed to continue its search, especially if it has seen that you keep some edibles under there.

Your dog could also try to hide something it found from you by staying under the bed. If your dog finds a treat that you hid, it will take it to a safe place to enjoy it alone. One of the safest places in the home is under the bed. So, you can suspect your dog when it is always under the bed.

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Dog Likes To Sleep Under Bed

If you have a dog that likes to sleep under the bed, you might be worried and want to stop the behavior. There are different ways of stopping a dog from always sleeping under the bed. Some of the ways to curb this behavior are:

Provide A Better Sleeping Place

If your dog sleeps under the bed because it is comfortable, you need to find a more suitable place where it will also be comfortable. It is better to try to create the environment of the bed for the dog.

Positively Reinforce Good Behavior

Yelling does not make a dog do the right thing; by trying to discourage the behavior, you should not be aggressive with the dog. Try to reward it when it sleeps in the designated place. Slowly, it will readjust.

Final Thoughts

One of the first and most important things you should do as a dog owner is to know and understand your dog. You must be able to read its nuances and body language; otherwise, you will have issues relating to the dog. Dogs are complex animals, and they want to be understood and loved.

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