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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Covers? What Does It Mean?

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Covers? What Does It Mean?

Seeing your dog wrapped up under your bed cover could first seem adorable. However, you could get confused about what this means. You do not need to get confused about this behavior anymore. We will be explaining what it means when a dog sleeps under the bed covers.

Sleeping under the covers might be a common activity for some dogs. Others only do it when they are sick or nervous, like during a storm. Dogs also snuggle up beneath the covers because they love the companionship and warmth of being close to you. It could also be because of stress and old age.

Dogs digging under blankets or bed comforters, according to many experts, is another natural trait inherited from their ancestors. Like sleeping in a den in the wild, sleeping beneath the covers offers your dog a secure, warm, and safe environment.

tiny dog under coverWhy Does My Dog Sleep Under the Covers?

You must have noticed that your dog enjoys burying itself under the covers when it wants to sleep; many dogs do this. It may be surprising because this is something only humans should do. Well, not anymore; dogs now display many human attributes, considering the number of centuries dogs have lived with man.

Many dog owners do not know that dogs work by the concept of resources; they see most of the things we have and provide them with in the same way their distant relatives in the wild see natural resources. So, the bed is a shelter, and the furniture is like the trees and rocks in the wild. Let us look at some reasons why dogs sleep under the covers.

Dogs Inherited Traits

Dogs sleeping under the cover is an instinct inherited from their ancestors when they lived in the wild. Back then, when a female dog gave birth, it would nurse and protect its puppies in a den. Also, many dogs were bred and raised in dens as a form of shelter and protection against predators. So, it is not unusual for domesticated dogs to be always seen staying in places like under the bed covers.

If you own breeds like Terriers, Dachshunds, Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes, you may notice this behavior more common in them. Terriers and Dachshunds have the instinct to hunt prey that burrows underground or in tunnels. So, if your dog prefers to always stay under the cover, it inherited it from its ancestors, and it feels safer and comfortable there.

Separation Anxiety

If your dog often sleeps more under the cover whenever you are away from the house, it might indicate separation anxiety. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety do not usually do well when left alone. However, when left alone, the dog could sleep under the cover because it smells like you and could make the dog feel a sense of security.

Once you confirm your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you must learn how to help the dog manage its anxiety issues. Separation anxiety could cause a dog to engage in destructive behaviors.

Cold Weather

Have you noticed your dog sleeping under the covers more during rainy seasons or winter? If yes, then it could be that your dog is trying to warm itself up due to the cold weather. After all, we humans do the same when cold.

This is more likely when you notice that sleeping under the cover is accompanied by shivering, looking anxious, and whining. So, in instances like this, you could help the dog even feel warmer by ensuring all windows are closed and wearing a dog jacket.

An Attention-Seeking Behavior

Another reason your dog could be sleeping under the covers is to seek your attention for something. It might be a way of informing you that it does not like its current sleeping place and wants you to change it. This is more likely if you notice your dog does not sleep in its designated area.

So, once you notice this, you may need to inspect where your dog sleeps for possible problems. Once you do, ensure you address the problems, then make sure the place is comfortable for your dog to sleep in.

Guarding Instinct

Another reason your dog could sleep under the covers is to keep you protected from dangers or intruders. This is more common in dogs bred for guard purposes, and the dog could be seen sleeping under the cover with its eyes opened.

However, it is important to mention that your dog could also sleep under the cover if it needs protection. Perhaps your dog is scared of something, or it feels threatened; sleeping under the cover by your side could be a way of feeling calm and secure.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Covers And Between My Legs?

If you have observed that your dog likes to sleep on clothes, blankets, or a pillow, it means your dog prefers a burrower sleeping posture. Dogs who sleep in a burrower position are seeking security and comfort. To fall asleep, they frequently require a lot of affection and attention. There are several reasons why your dog sleeps between your legs.

Warmth and Comfort

This is another main reason your dog sleeps between your legs; they feel like a puppy in their mother’s arms. It could also be because human legs are warm and soft, making your legs a warming pad for them.

In addition, it is a friendly mutual benefit. When your dog comes into contact with another dog, they share their body heat. They do this more in the winter, indicating that they are not warm enough and that laying between your legs is the easiest and quickest way to warm up.


One of the reasons your dog sleeps under the covers and between your legs is sometimes because they have any intention of protecting you. Due to this reason, they require proximity to you in order to care for and protect you. It is also possible that your dog’s overprotective behavior is due to the presence of other people or animals.

dog bed sheetWhy Does My Dog Like Sleeping Under The Blanket?

Many dogs love sleeping under blankets; it is amusing to speculate why they would do such a seemingly human act. Animals rely on resources to survive; water, shelter, and food are examples of resources. Your bed is a haven or lair for your dog because it uses the bed daily.

So, when your dog makes a habit of sleeping under the blankets, it is because that is where it feels the safest. When your dog is tucked under the blankets, it feels enveloped, even swaddled, and it has been hypothesized that firm pressure can help anxious dogs’ brain chemistry.

Certain canine breeds enjoy burrowing for fun. Consider the terrier and the Dachshund, whose long bodies made crawling into tight holes easier. The snugness of the blankets around your dog’s body most likely causes its brain to generate happy neurotransmitters that provide a sense of well-being, security, and even enjoyment.

Dogs and other pack animals understand that their sleeping quarters might differ between life and death. The blanket’s snugness provides a sense of security and sanctuary. Our dogs want to be beneath the blankets since that is where we are, and the safest place is always with your family.

Final Thoughts

While sleeping under the covers is not intrinsically risky for dogs, mishaps can occur. If your dog is too hot and cannot get out from under the blankets, they may panic, so do not tuck your sheets in when you see your dog sleeping under the covers. If they happen to make this activity a habit, it is best to visit the veterinarian to ensure your dog is fully healthy and there is no reason to panic.

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