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Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig? [COMMON REASONS]

Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig? [COMMON REASONS]

Dogs exhibit some behaviors that could get you worried and curious. For instance, when you come home you notice your dog begins to make a pig-like noise; you will likely get worried. However, you need to understand that the sound is called snorting, and it happens for certain reasons.

Dogs snort like pigs for different reasons like reverse sneezing, allergies, type of breed, it is excited or in a playful mood, has a collapsed trachea, having something stuck in its nose, has irritants in the nose, tight collar, carrying excess weight, intranasal vaccination, and fluid backflow. 

Sometimes, when your dog is snorting, it might be adorable, but it can become very annoying over time. Hence, you must know why and what makes your dog snort like a pig.

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Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig?

Snorting like a pig is an occurrence that is very common in many dogs. It occurs when a dog’s nose becomes irritated, which leads to the accumulation of mucus in its sinuses, then later blown out through the nose. Often, snorting like a pig is usually not a cause for alarm. The snorting could occur for just a few seconds or even last up to a minute or two.

Once the dog’s nose no longer becomes irritated, it will likely stop snorting. However, if you notice your dog snorting like a pig frequently and lasting longer, it is best to take it to a vet. There are some common causes why dogs snort like a pig; we will be explaining some of the reasons below.

Reverse Sneezing:

Reverse sneezing in dogs is when a dog inhales too much air through its nose rather than exhaling the air out. When this happens, the dogs’ trachea becomes narrow while its neck stretches, causing a snorting sound or noise. The actual cause of reverse sneezing is unknown; however, it could be triggered by foreign objects such as seeds, pollens, food particles, and small toys.

Some likely symptoms to watch out for to confirm your dog has a reverse sneeze include an extended neck, gasping, rapid and long inspiration, alongside snorting. If your dog has a reverse sneeze, you could help by closing your dog’s nose for a second, then gently massage either its back or throat to keep it calm.

Most times, reverse sneezing lasts for about a minute. However, if you notice it is occurring for too long and cannot keep your dog calm, you need to get urgent vet care. Some dogs like Shih-Tzus, Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels frequently experience reverse sneezing.


Allergies are one of the most common reasons dogs snort. When a dog comes in contact with an allergy, it usually causes inflammation of the airway, making the dog have some difficulties in breathing. The contact could be gotten from food or the environment. So, you must know the things your dog is allergic to. Some of the possible causes of allergies are tree pollens, dust mites, and grass pollens.

Some common symptoms of dog allergies are eye discharge, loss of hair, itchy skin, respiratory problems, sneezing, and snorting. Also, for most dogs, you would often notice the dog barely sleep at night because the allergy would have caused nasal congestion in the dog’s airways.

Allergies in dogs could lead to other severe health issues like pneumonia. So, the moment you notice your dog snorting due to an allergic reaction, it is best you get veterinary care as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

Dogs Breed:

Snorting like a pig is more common in some specific dog breeds. If you own dog breeds like Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Pug or Coton de Tulear, or any flat-faced dog, you will likely notice snorting more in them. These dog breeds snort more because they are more prone to respiratory illness due to having a small opening to their nasal passage, long palates, and a small trachea that could collapse.

Dogs with flat faces often snort and snore more than other dog breeds, which could sometimes be very loud. So, if you have one of these breeds, you are best advised to have them sleep in a room far away from yours so as not to disturb your sleep at night.

Although snorting is common to flat-faced dogs, always ensure you monitor your dogs well, as it could sometimes also indicate a health issue. Once your dog begins to display symptoms such as vomiting, gagging, and coughing alongside snorting, ensure you contact a veterinary doctor.

Something Is Stuck In The Dog’s Nose:

The snout is an extremely significant element of a dog’s anatomy. It allows dogs to detect far-away items, but it can also cause respiratory problems if something gets lodged in their noses. Snorting and sneezing are signs that your pet is suffering from allergies. This could indicate that something is stuck in its nose.

A foreign object, such as food particles, plant materials (weeds), or grass seeds, can become trapped in the nasal canal, producing irritation and heavy breathing via the mouth owing to nasal obstruction. Symptoms include snoring, snuffling, and difficulty breathing.

Why Does My Dog Sound Like A Pig?

It is natural to be anxious when your dog makes pig noises for the first time, but this is not always the case. Reverse sneezing is the term for these grunting or oinking sounds. When the muscles in its throat spasm and the soft palate is irritated, this is known as reverse sneezing. Your dog will inhale too much air via its nose, resulting in it sounding like a pig.

His trachea will constrict, his neck will stretch, and his chest will expand. All of this adds up to pig noises that could include hacking, coughing, wheezing, and other frightening sounds. It may appear distressing when your dog makes these weird sounds, but your dog is usually fine.

dog nose grassWhy Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig When Playing?

For some dogs, the only time you get to notice them snort or sneeze is whenever they are playing. This is completely normal. You need to understand that the dog is snorting to express excitement and indicate that it is having fun. If the dog sneezes, it is called a playful sneeze.

You may notice your dog curling its lips during playtime to create a wrinkled nose. The wrinkled nose usually causes the dog’s body to snort or sneeze in a very short while. Dogs often do this only while playing with someone they bond with or a fellow pet.

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Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig When Sleeping?

If your dog snores whenever it is asleep, its nasal passage may be blocked. The blockage of the nasal passage could be due to coming to contact with an allergy or a foreign object which is causing the snoring. Inspiratory paroxysmal respiration is the term for snorting when sleeping.

Muscle spasms at the rear of a dog’s mouth cause the snorting. The tracheal hole will shrink during a spasm, making it difficult for the dog to breathe. Due to this, the dog will let out a loud snort which might wake you up. French bulldogs, bulldogs, and pugs are the type of dogs more prone to snorting when sleeping.

Final Thoughts

If your dog snorts a lot like a pig, you should take him to the doctor to have some tests done on his breathing system to discover if there is anything wrong with his nose or throat medically. On the other hand, this noise can often be attributed to joy or excitement, but it is best to let it visit the veterinarian just in case.

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