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Why Does My Dog Stand on Me [BEHAVIOR EXPLAINED]

Why Does My Dog Stand on Me [BEHAVIOR EXPLAINED]

There is a special bond between humans and dogs; this is why dogs are called man’s best friends. Dogs can read human emotions; they can tell when their owner is sad or not feeling well; they do their best to communicate, and this is through different methods. You should know that dogs also communicate through expressions, one of which is standing on their owners.

Dogs stand on their owners for reasons like sickness, hunger, anxiety, for comfort and safety, as a display of love and trust, to wake you up, it is playtime, to get your attention, to assert dominance, to protect you, it is a learned behavior, to make you feel better, and to be near you.

As a dog owner, it is important to know that your dog cannot communicate with you as freely as it wants, so it will either be vocal (barking and whining) or express itself in different ways.

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Why Does My Dog Stand on Me?

Dogs standing on their owners is a behavior that is common to many dogs. They often do it to communicate certain things. Although, in most cases, this behavior is not something to be worried about and could indicate your dog wants some attention. However, there are some other reasons why this happens.

Your Dog Needs Your Attention

This is a common reason dogs often display weird, cute, and funny behaviors. Dogs are social animals, and they easily get attached to their owners. If you ignore your dog all day, perhaps you get too busy with other things; you need to understand that there are chances your dog could get lonely.

So, when the dog gets too lonely, it could come around to stand on you to have your attention. To be sure your dog does this for attention, you would notice the dog also looking at you. The dog is simply trying to tell you that it needs some attention too. You may then decide to spend some time with it, perhaps take it out on a walk or engage in indoor play and exercises.

Your Dog Is Asserting Dominance

Asserting dominance is a major reason why dogs stand on their owners. This is an inherited behavior from when dogs lived as pack members in the wild. Back then, the pack alpha would stand on other dogs to show dominance. Some dog breeds naturally like to be very dominant and could consider themselves alpha over their owners.

So, if you notice your dog standing on you, accompanied by some display of aggression such as growling and snapping, it is an indication that the dog is trying to dominate you. Behavior like this is not ideal and should not be encouraged. So, you are best advised to seek the help of a professional dog trainer.

Your Dog Is Sick

Dogs cannot communicate as we humans do; instead, they use body language. As a dog owner, you must understand and know your dog and should be able to tell when something is wrong. If your playful and hyper-energetic dog is suddenly quiet, you need to pay attention to it. Sometimes, it could be an indication of illness.

The moment you begin to notice things such as panting, decreased appetite, shaking, and your dog always coming close to you, it indicates sickness. You may also notice the dog trying to stand on you while looking very unwell. At this point, it is essential that you call on a vet to diagnose the dog and for possible treatment.

Your Dog Is Being Protective

Dogs are very loyal animals and would not want anything to harm their owners. If your dog often comes to stand on you whenever there are strangers around, it could just be trying to protect you. To be sure of this, pay more attention to when it always happens as there are high chances that the dog would stop the behavior the moment the stranger leaves.

Your Dog’s Personality

Dogs’ personalities differ, and some dog breeds such as Pug, Maltese, Chow Chow, and Golden Retriever are known to be clingy to their owners. So, if you own one of these dog breeds, do not be surprised if it is always coming to spend time with you and try to stand on you.

In addition, the way a dog is being raised matters too. If you are used to always placing your dog on your laps while being a puppy, the dog would always want to be around you and could even continue this behavior when it becomes an adult. You may have unconsciously trained your dog to always stand on you.

Why Does My Dog Like To Stand On Me?

Dogs are smart animals, which is one reason why they relate and interact well with humans more than any other animal. They can tell when we are sad, and they do different things to cheer us up. One mistake you should avoid is assuming that your dog enjoys messing around. This happens, but not every time. Let us look at why your dog likes to stand on you.

It Wants Something From You

Dogs know how to get what they want from their owners; they try out different methods from when they are little and stick to the ones that work. If your dog knows that you are sentimental, it will get physical with you and even stand on you to get you to give it what it wants.

It may also be because of what you are holding; if you are holding a treat, your dog will try to stand on you to seduce you to give it the treat. Now, it gets tricky here; if you give in to the dog, it will continue. Moreover, the more you succumb to the dog, the more it becomes an attitude that is difficult to curb.

It Is Playtime

Dogs do not like to miss their playtime, so they will do anything to make you take them out to play. So, one of the ways they try to get you to play with them is by standing on you; with time, your dog has learned to get your attention and make it play with you. It will also stand on you when it wants to exercise. You should never ignore the dog if this is its intent.

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It Is Time To Eat

When a dog is hungry, you should expect it to display different behaviors; one of the most common things your dog will do is by standing on you. Unlike humans, dogs cannot hold their hunger for a long time, so they will do everything to alert you that it is time for them to eat. This is good because it makes you know that your dog has a healthy appetite.

Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me On The Couch?

It is normal for your dog to stand on you when you are standing, but you can get worried when it starts standing over you when you are on the couch. Well, you do not have to be worried. Your dog wants to spend time with you; if you used to spend time cuddling and playing with your dog, and you do not anymore, it will stand over you at every given opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Most times, when your dog stands on you, there is no reason to be worried. However, if it becomes a recurring habit, there is an issue. Sometimes, the main reason could be anxiety; you should try to maintain a routine and feeding schedule to help the dog. However, if it is to gain your attention, you should try to curb it.

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