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Why Is My Dog Staring at the Wall? Is It Normal?

Why Is My Dog Staring at the Wall? Is It Normal?

Dogs often display many behaviors that we humans sometimes find weird. For instance, seeing your dog staring at the wall for no obvious reason would seem weird to a dog owner. However, it is important to note that this is normal dog behavior, and it happens for certain reasons.

One common reason your dog is staring at the wall is that it has a dysfunction of the mind. Staring could be an obsessive activity, similar to those with compulsive disorders. It is also possible that staring is an attention-seeking activity. Staring at the wall is sometimes normal with dogs. 

When you notice your dog staring at the wall, you should immediately book an appointment with your veterinarian. This is to make sure there is no medical basis for the behavior before concluding it is just an undesired habit.

dog sit womanWhy Does My Dog Just Stare At The Wall?

Staring at the wall is not uncommon behavior in many dogs. Although, it is quite normal for owners to get concerned about this behavior, especially for those who do not understand why it happens.

Sometimes, this behavior could be nothing too serious to worry about; however, it could indicate an underlying health condition on some occasions. So, dog owners need to understand some of the reasons why dogs stare at the wall to know what is normal or otherwise. We will be explaining some common reasons below.

There Is Something In The Wall

If you notice your dog suddenly staring at a particular part of a wall, it could indicate the dog hears or sees something in the wall. Dogs’ sense of hearing is far better than humans, and they can listen to sounds from miles that we cannot. So, perhaps some pests or rodents are moving in the wall; your dog could stare at the wall to listen to the movements.

In cases like this, you may need to get up to properly inspect the walls to see what is catching your dog’s attention just for your safety too. For instance, there are chances pests or bugs could be crawling on your wall. So, once you detect such, you must get an exterminator to help get rid of them.

Compulsive Behavior

This is more common in under=stimulated and bored dogs who are trying to get busy and release built-up energy. These behaviors include barking, circling, sucking, digging, and even staring at a wall. For dogs like this, you would notice them always very excited whenever it is time for play or exercises.

However, the moment they get bored or less active, they could be seen displaying any of the mentioned behaviors. Compulsive behaviors are not usually harmful to dogs, and they sometimes do it to get their owner’s attention when bored.

For instance, if you notice your dog beside you suddenly staring at the wall, or it begins to circle for no reason, you will likely pay attention to it. So, to help dogs like this, it is important you make time for them and always engage them in regular exercises.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) is a medical condition that could cause a dog to stare at the wall. CCD is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans, and it is often common in older dogs. When a dog is affected by CCD, it could be seen doing things without logical explanation, such as staring at the wall.

To ensure a dog has CCD, observe your dog for other symptoms like longer naps during the daytime, restlessness at night, circling, getting stuck, withdrawal from fun activities, and barking for no obvious reasons. So, in case you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, you must make an appointment with the vet. Certain supplements and diets could be recommended as part of treatment options.


Not all forms of seizures require an uncontrollable shaking or loss of consciousness. Some forms of seizures, like partial seizures, are usually very subtle and could affect just a part of a dog’s body, making it act funny. If a partial seizure attacks your dog in front of a wall, it could make the dog keep staring at the wall.

Try getting your dog’s attention or distracting it whenever you notice this happening to be sure of this condition. However, if you notice your dog is not responsive despite how hard you try, it might be suffering from a partial seizure. Such a dog needs to get urgent medical care from a vet.

Head Pressing

Another reason why a dog could stare at the wall is head pressing. If your dog has been doing this, it could indicate that your dog has a damaged liver. The damaged liver could increase the amount of ammonia in a dog’s body, thereby causing the dog to act intoxicated.

Once you notice this condition, ensure you take your dog to a vet for a checkup. Some blood samples might be required to confirm if your dog’s liver is already damaged and to what extent.

Why Does My Dog Stare At The Wall At Night?

It is one thing for your dog to stare at the wall during the day; however, it might make you concerned when that behavior continues at night. Not to worry; your dog staring at the wall at night has reasons. Below are some of the reasons.


Although there is no scientific proof that dogs may feel the supernatural, it is an intriguing concept to consider. Your dog might be staring at the wall at night because it senses a ghost, and this can cause it to also bark at the wall. If your dog can detect your arrival before your car pulls into the driveway, they may be sensitive to the supernatural.


Your dog can also be staring at the wall at night because it is depressed. Dogs are sensitive to environmental and emotional changes. Hence there are several possible causes of your dog’s depression. If someone close to your dog has just died in your family, he may feel depressed; moving to a new place or home where they are unfamiliar with their surroundings is another cause.

Why Does My Dog Stare At The Wall And Growl?

If your dog suddenly starts staring at the wall and growling, it might surprise or even scare you to death. This is because you will be curious about what he sees that you do not; this concern is not for nothing because the dog is growling at nothing. Most of the time, your dog’s behavior has a rational explanation.

Attention Seeking Behavior

A dog will occasionally bark and growl to gain attention since he knows his owner would provide it. Dogs do not always know the difference between good and bad attention, so punishing a dog for growling at the wall might cause it to do it again soon to get you to give more attention to him.

dog stree walkCritters Inside The Wall

If there are squirrels, raccoons, or mice inside your walls, your dog’s keen hearing will let it hear the sound they produce. As a result, the unexpected sound will be seen as menacing by your dog, resulting in what appears to be a staring contest with the plaster. To assert control over the burrowing animals, he may bark or growl.

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Final Thoughts

When you notice your dog staring at the wall, you should pay attention to the indications that go along with it. How often your dog exhibits this behavior must be considered. However, if there is no obvious reason for the dog to repeat this behavior, you could seek advice from a veterinarian to figure out what is causing the problem. Also, make sure your dog lives a healthy lifestyle.

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