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Why Does My Dog Whine All The Time? Top 6 Reasons Why

Why Does My Dog Whine All The Time? Top 6 Reasons Why

Although dogs are unable to talk, they are able to communicate in various methods. As a dog owner, it is important that you are able to interpret what your dog is saying to you accurately. One of the most convenient ways dogs communicate is by whining, and there are various reasons why they whine.

Some of the reasons your dog whines are it desires attention, it is stressed or scared, it wants something, it is excited, it is in discomfort, it is bored, in pain, or experiencing other medical issues, or anxious. Also, a dog that is not properly trained will whine all the time.

If you recently bought a puppy, one of the things you should expect is whining all night; they whine more than adult dogs, and there is no rational reason for this.

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Why Does My Dog Whine All The Time?

When a dog barks frequently, it can be very annoying, but you may lose your mind when you have a dog that prefers to whine. Dog whining is more annoying than dog barks; if your dog whines a lot, you are in dire need of a way to stop that behavior before you go crazy. Here are some of the reasons your dog whines;

1. The Dog Is In Pain Or Experiencing Other Medical Issues

When a dog is in pain, it will whine; you can know why it whines by watching the dog. If your dog whines more when it lays down, that is a sign that it is experiencing joint pain or other issues that cause pain when it is in that position. Your dog could also be whining because it is having issues breathing while it sleeps.

Older dogs and dogs with chronic illnesses tend to whine more than other dogs due to their medical conditions. If your dog whines at night, it is probably a medical issue, and if it whines for a long time while doing nothing, it could also be an underlying medical issue, and you need to take it to a vet for a medical checkup and treatment.

2. The Dog Is Anxious

Another reason your dog whines frequently is anxiousness; an anxious dog or a dog experiencing separation anxiety will always whine. If you notice that your dog whines every time you leave the house, it is experiencing separation anxiety. Also, a dog experiencing separation anxiety will whine if not allowed to be with its owner.

There are medications you will receive from your veterinary doctor to treat this and behavioral training that you must make your dog go through. Another way to know your dog is whining from anxiety is when it whines at night for no specific reason, although the cause for this could sometimes be fear.

3. The Dog Is Excited

This is a common reason your dog whines; it is excited. You will notice your dog whining when it is time to take it out for its walk, when playing, when it is in the car, or when it meets one of its dog friends. When a dog is excited, it whines, which is one of the most efficient ways it burns energy.

As a dog owner, you should know that the more your dog whines, the better it gets at it, and the more it whines. So, except if the whining is for serious issues, it is best to curb the behavior. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to stop a dog from whining; it is similar to stopping a cat from purring or a human from crying.

4. The Dog Wants Attention

If a dog notices that its owner is uninterested in it or is doing something without involving the dog, it will whine. This whine is not because it is in pain or anxious; all it wants is its owner’s attention. If you have more than one dog, you will notice one whining when you are playing with the other one.

This type of whine can be the most annoying because the dog will whine for everything; whine when it is hungry, whine for you to play with it, whine for you to pet it, whine for you to take it outside, whine when it is thirsty, whine when it wants to sleep; whining for every single thing. This gets worse if not curbed early.

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5. The Dog Is Trying To Apologize

When a dog whines, especially after you corrected it for bad behavior, it shows submission. Dogs also whine when they want to say sorry; this is an instinctive behavior inherited from wolves. When a wolf is shunned from the pack for violating the pack rules, like stealing food, playing roughly, it will tuck its tail in-between its legs, bow its head, and whine.

This is a similar posture dogs display when they feel guilty and try to make amends with their owners. If your dog whines to apologize (this whine is known as the appeasement whine), you should acknowledge it quietly. You should never leave the dog in that state for a long time; you can even walk away after acknowledging the whine; the dog knows that you have accepted its apology.

6. The Dog Wants Something

This is the most obvious and common reason your dog whines; it wants something from you. It could be food, play, exercise, or it needs your help with something. While the dog whines, it shifts its eyes from its owner to what it wants. For example, if your dog wants to go out to play, it will whine while looking at you and the door.

As long as the dog gets what it wants, it will stop whining. If your dog starts whining for more food after eating its usual meal, there is a problem; somebody has been feeding the dog behind you. Also, if your dog whines for more exercise after exercising, it indicates a digestive or bladder issue.

Why Does My Dog Constantly Whine For No Reason?

There is no time your dog whines for no reason; there is an issue if your dog suddenly starts whining without anything occurring. The dog might be in pain or experiencing a medical condition. It is of utmost importance that you immediately take the dog to the veterinary doctor for analysis.

Remember, dogs are alert and sensitive, so your dog could be whining because it heard or perceived something strange and cannot identify it. Sometimes, instead of whining, your dog could bark to get your attention. This will frequently occur if you own a security dog.

Another reason your dog whines is that it is either bored, anxious, scared, or stressed. This is usually accompanied by other symptoms, including destructive behaviors, panting, pacing, pooping or peeing indoors, excessive drooling, and depression.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Whining For Attention?

There are various ways to get a dog to stop whining for attention, and you must stop it early before it becomes a regular habit. Some of the ways you can stop a dog from whining to get attention are;

  • Ignore it every time it whines for attention.
  • Give it something to do to distract it.
  • Drain the dog’s mental energy by feeding it from food-dispensers.
  • Allow the dog to exercise a lot.

Final Thoughts

It can be very frustrating putting up with a dog that whines for everything; the high-shrieked sound can drive anyone crazy. It is important that you know the possible causes of dog whine to know when the dog is unserious and deal with it to stop the behavior.

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